The section of Civil Engineering offers a specialization in Geotechnical Engineering for students interested in focusing, during their Master´s degree, on the sciences of the underground, here put together under the term of “geotechnical engineering” taken in its large sense, and on its associated techniques.

Geotechnical engineering

Given the ever increasing complexity of interaction between the ground, environment and the structure, the working opportunities will not decrease. Engineers willing to follow this path will be able to work in important infrastructure building companies, as well as consulting engineering firms or public administrations.

Content of the education

The specialization in geotechnical engineering gather the main fields related to the underground at the level of the Master´s degree.These are mainly:

  • the geology of the engineer and the environment
  • soil mechanics
  • rock mechanics
  • groundwater flows
  • foundation works
  • underground structures
  • geological materials

The different courses making the specialization in geotechnical engineering can be found in the study plan of Civil Engineering for the given year, specialization B: ► Study Plan_2021-22

Career opportunities

With the growing complexity of interactions between the underground, the structures and the environment, career prospects for geotechnical engineers from polytechnic universities shall certainly not decrease.