Double-Distilled Water


The Glassware Washing Facility is equipped with a double-distillation system. Our personnel is in charge to produce double-distilled water, from the demineralized water network available in both buildings of the SV School, to bottle it and sterilize it.

This double distilled water is available to the laboratories in flasks of 2L, 1L and 500ml:

  • Our users may pick up, up to 4 Liters, without prior order, either room SV 1522 or AI 0231, during opening hours;
  • For amounts larger than 5 Liters, the users are asked to place an order by email at [email protected]. The preparation delay is of 1 week. The users will be notified by email when the order is ready to be collected in our Facility.

NB: The Glassware Washing Facility does not provide volumes of double-distilled water smaller than 500ml.

Different Types of Water

Different types of water are also available in the buildings of the SV School. All these waters have different properties and each of them is more or less adapted for the research activities conducted in the laboratories.

The table here below allows to have an overview of the different properties of the several waters available:

Type of Water Preparation Properties Availability and Application Examples
Running water Regular faucets Contains minerals, bacteria, pyrogens, RNases and DNases. Regular water network
Demineralized Ion exchange or reverse osmosis Contains bacteria, pyrogens, a low concentration of minerals, RNases and DNases. Available in all the laboratories (faucet adjacent to the regular running water).

Examples of Use:

Adequate for cell culture media preparation if 0.22μm filtered before usage.

Double-distilled Condensates of demineralized water boiled twice and treated with UV light Contains pyrogens, a low concentrations of minerals, proteic fragments from bacteria membranes, RNases and DNases. Available at the Washing Facility.

Examples of Use:

Not convenient for protein purification techniques due to remaining proteic fragments from dead bacteria.

Recommended for electron microscopy.

Nanopure or Millipore Demineralized water, double de-ionized, exposed to UV rays and 0.22μm filtered. Contains very little minerals, pyrogens, RNases and DNases. Available in the laboratories of the AI building (except in the extension) or through mobile millipore stations.

Examples of Use:

Adequate for HPLC because of its low mineral concentration. Adequate for electrophysiology.