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The EPFL cross-disciplinary community around research data.

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EPFL Data Champions

Managing data is often a fragmented, frustrating experience on the top of research activities … But data generation, analysis, visualization, sharing, etc. greatly affect research projects. Ask an EPFL Data Champion.

Giovanna Ambrosini
• Bioinformatics
• Genomics
• Web development

Maroun Bou Sleiman
• Bioinformatics
• Genetics
• Omics

Philipp Bucher
• Genomics
• Bioinformatics
• Epigenetics

Christine Choirat
• Health data science
• Reproducible research

Florent-Valéry Coen
• Microfabrication
• Neuroengineering
• Stretchable electronics

Valentin Conrad
• Data protection
• Contract law
• Intellectual property

Valeria Di Cola
• R
• Data management
• Data visualization

Tom de Geus
• Mechanics
• Comp. Physics
• Stat. Physics

Simon Dürr
• Molecular Dynamics Simulations
• Quantum Chemistry
• Genetic Algorithms

Brad Fetter
• Bibliometrics
• Data visualisation
• Research indicators

Shirah Foy
• Interviewing
• Process journal
• Qualitative analysis

Fotis Georgatos
• System engineering
• Data science
• High energy physics

Kevin Jablonka
• Simulations
• Thermodynamics
• Communication

Emma Jablonski
• Data science engineering
• Reproducibility

Graham Knott
• Electron microscopy
• Neuroscience
• 3D modelling

Shin Koseki
• Urban data science
• Computational social science
• Human geography

Robert Lieck
• Data science
• Machine learning
• Digital humanities

Maud Ehrmann
• Natural Language Processing
• Large-scale textual data
• Digital Humanities

Charlotte Mazel-Cabasse
• Digital Humanities
• Project management

Fabian Moss
• Digital musicology
• Data visualization
• Data science

Luc Patiny
• Information management
• Chemistry

Nicolas Argento
• ELN/LIMS services manager
• IT/Life sciences communication
• IT services management

Evarist Planet
• Data science
• Statistics
• Bioinformatics

Francisco Ramirez
• Numerical simulations
• Material physics

Alexis Rapin
• Bioinformatics
• Metagenomics

Martin Telefont
• Dataviz
• Big data
• Data curation

Ivica Zivkovic
• Physics
• Quantum magnetism
• FAIR principles

Birgit Schaffhauser
• Molecular pathology
• Project management
• Gene expression

Jenny Thomas
• Polar data management
• Databases
• Metadata

Ayah Khubieh
• Neuroscience
• Computer simulations

Amir Rezaie
• Structural Engineering
• Python
• Machine Learning

Lili Gu
• Mechanical Design
• Experiment modeling
• Discretization methods

Jessica Pidoux
• Personal data
• Online dating
• Sociology

Former EPFL Data Champions

As careers in science or elsewhere continue, the Data Champions community recognize the people who made it thrive, by helping others managing their data, sharing their expertise and passion within the EPFL and beyond.

Jonathan Cottet
• Microsystems
• Electric field
• Database

Orion Penner
• Innovation
• IP Policy
• Scientific Publishers

Sonia Ben Hamida
• Space
• Aerospace
• Design

Dasaraden Mauree
• Data analysis
• Data management
• Data visualization

Community of practice and interest

■ Your colleagues come to you for tips and tricks on how to manage their data? Would you like support and recognition for your help?

■ Are you enthusiastic about data sharing, visualization, anonymization, or publishing? Do they appeal to you beyond your research?

■ Do you wish for a bottom-up cultural shift regarding data management? Are you intrigued by meeting others that feel the same?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, you should join the EPFL Data Champions community!

Interested? Fill-in the form or contact [email protected].

Whether you are an EPFL researcher (PhD student , postdoc, professor, etc.) or staff (admin, technician, etc.) with a keen interest in research data and willing to share your expertise, the EPFL Data Champion community is for you!

Of course, previous data management experience, along with a little programming or communication skills are great advantages… but we believe in diversity!
Whatever your level of expertise in data science, data management, data visualization, etc. we would love to have you on board.

This is a voluntary engagement and we will encourage Data Champions to invest only the time they think they can dedicate to helping others, no more, no less.

EPFL Data Champions will get a chance to play the following roles, according to their personal availability and field experience:

  • Advise researchers on data handling or redirect them to expert support on Campus
  • Act as spokespersons in your faculty
  • Endorse the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-usable) principles
  • Promote (or participate in) training or events
  • Develop or promote RDM tools useful for research
  • Participate to possible publications on RDM

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet other EPFL Data Champions and interesting guest speakers at the Data Champions Meetings, meetings organized 3 times per year.

Data Champions invest some of their time to help others and this effort must be rewarded. We believe members of the EPFL DC community will enjoy the following personal benefits:

Increase your impact

  • Help people!
  • Be the spokesperson and local data expert, reporting to EPFL management about the needs of your faculty or research community
  • Gain visibility with your personal profile on the Data Champions webpage

Develop your professional network

  • Get in touch with others interested in RDM at the EPFL and outside
  • Network with researchers in workshops, conferences and events
  • Receive news and get to know EPFL services as ReO, TTO, Library, etc.

Learn new skills

  • Attend workshops or conferences on data science and data management
  • Communicate effectively, enhance presentation skills, lead workshops
  • Learn by doing, collaborate to projects for possible development or acquisition of data tools

Boost your CV

  • Distinguish yourself with qualifying activities and transferable skills
  • Add “EPFL Data Champion” to your personal profile page
  • Receive news on career opportunities related to RDM

The Research Data Library Team supports the DCs and

  • Creates and maintains this webpage
  • Invites the DCs to RDM training opportunities, both introductory and specialized
  • Provides basic material and IT resources for the DCs activities
  • Support the DCs in responding to the requests they might have
  • Organizes the DCs Meetings for the community 3 times per year
  • Generates and diffuses reports on DCs’ activities
  • Sends to the DCs a monthly newsletter to report on the DCs’ activities (via a short survey), inform on new tools, career opportunities, and invite the DCs to talks, events or publications about RDM

An EPFL Data Champion is not expected to replace other professional roles (e.g. Ethics Committee, IT staff, etc.), nor is held responsible for the consequences of advices to researchers.

The Research Data Library Team supports the fonctionning of the EPFL Data Champions community. The EPFL Library provides the financial support. Other institutional support also comes from the EPFL Open Science Strategic Committee.

The EPFL is not the first and it’s not alone in this initiative, although it takes some pioneering spirit. We acknowledge the work and stimulating discussions with colleagues and fellow Data Champions at Cambridge University and TU Delft.

The EPFL Library is also a member of SPARC Europe, whose similar initiative more focused on OA, the Open Access Champions, connects people from different countries.

These are just a few examples and, ultimately, the EPFL Data Champions are part of a bigger community and we look positively forward to creating synergies, and sharing ideas and practices around data.




EPFL Data Champions: [email protected]

Research Data Library Team: [email protected]

Gdrive storage

go.epfl.ch/DCdrive (EPFL DCs access only)

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