Climate and Sustainability Action Week

One week to explore collectively how to act upon complex sustainability issues as engineers, scientists and architects.

ETH Week – – Alessandro Della Bella / ETH Zürich


A week to understand the dynamics of a specific complex sustainability issue, and co-design relevant interdisciplinary student-led projects to address it, using innovative tools and methods.

The week will be co-created with a team of students.

For whom and by whom?

For all EPFL Bachelor and Master students, with trained student coaches, EPFL staff and invited lecturers.


A first edition will take place in the first half of September 2021, with 100 participants.

We are gathering a student team to co-create this pilot with us over the Spring semester.

Where ?

On and around EPFL Lausanne campus, or online if we are constrained to do so.

Why ?

There is a growing demand and need for engineers, scientists and architects to adapt their approaches, skills and tools to the complex societal issues they will be facing as professionals over the 21st century, such as mobility, health or energy.

This week offers the opportunity to be trained in innovative tools & methods allowing to navigate this complexity.

Who is behind this initiative?

This initiative is supported by the Vice-Presidency for Responsible Transformation.

It is coordinated by Michka Mélo (VPA-DLL, main contact point for this initiative), Nicola Banwell (VPT) and Eric Domon (VPT).

The initiative is steered by a committee including Samuel Cotture (ENAC-SKIL), Julien Delisle (VPA-DLL/Make), Silvia Hostettler (VPT), Marc Laperrouza (CDH-CHIC), Gianluca Paglia (VPT-Act4Change Lab), Alessandra Rojas (VPI-Tech4Impact), Melanie Studer (ENAC-Design Together), and Pascal Vuilliomenet (VPE-DLL, VPI).

Our pilot edition

7 ideas to promote the circular economy and mitigate climate change

Check the article

Around 30 students took part in the pilot version of EPFL’s Climate and Sustainability Action Week, working in cross-disciplinary groups to outline circular economy solutions. It was an intense five days of teamwork to build a brighter future.

One poster to discover the results of the CSAW pilot edition.

All talks replays are available on our SwitchTube channel.

This participant booklet, full of interesting resources, was co-created by students and EPFL collaborators.

Join the initiative!

Join the student team creating CSAW:

  • identify the specific sustainability issue we will address;
  • design the program & learning material;
  • create the communication and recruitment strategy;
  • make the week happen, including its social dimension;
  • learn co-creation skills and tools essential to any professional who cares about sustainability.

Get in touch if interested!

Be amongst the 100 students who will participate in the first edition in the first half of September 2021.

We will update you about the initiative, and look forward to you joining us soon!


Do not hesitate to get in touch, we want this initiative to be open to a wide range of contributions!

[email protected]

021 693 20 98

ME B2 484 (Bâtiment ME), Station 9, CH-1015 Lausanne

The pictures are from Alessandro Della Bella / ETH Zürich and the EPFL Mediatheque.