Storing your Data Safely

Storing and accessing your data safely

Storage requirements are evolving with time and in collaboration with the DIT, SB-IT and ISIC-IT we propose various solutions for different kinds of data.
When you leave EPFL, your accounts on MyNas and SwitchDrive are removed.


Once your Gaspar account is closed (end of contract), you will not be able to access these servers anymore.

Depending on the type of documents, you will find below the different solutions available at EPFL.

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Connection from outside EPFL

In order to connect from outside EPFL you will first need to install and start CISCO VPN.
You will find more information about the installation of this software in the following page:

  1. MyNas
  2. NAS3
  3. SWITCHdrive
  4. SWITCHfilesender
  5. CLOUD Services

1. MyNas (files[0-9]

An individual/private storage system is provided to students, staff, and guests. Only the user has access to his folder, which cannot be shared.

The school’s IT services provide an individual storage system. Only the user has access to his folder and he is not allowed to share it.

Main functionalities:

  • The available storage space depends on the person’s status. Students (5 GB), Staff (25 GB), and Guests (5 GB)
  • Justified extension of quotas (max +25GB per request) can be requested for staff members. Guests and Students cannot get extension.
  • CIFS / smb can be used for data access.

Data are allocated on 10 file systems [0-9]. The user is assigned to a file system depending on his sciper number’s last digit.

How to access this service
See all access information on MyNas (
The syntax for SMB/CIFS is:

  • Windows: \\files<no>\data\username Gaspar
  • MacOS X ou Linux: smb://files<no> Gaspar

<no> = last digit of your sciper Camipro

If you have some problems to access this service, contact [email protected]

2. NAS3 (sb1files)

Collaborative, important documents for laboratories (prof. & secretary), services, Direction)

For laboratories and those units working within laboratories, a quota of 1 TB is provided free of charge at the collaborative level. The folder can be shared. The backup, if desired, is extra charge.

>>>> More information

Ho to access this service
The syntax for SMB/CIFS is:

  • Windows: \\sb1files\acronym for the laboratory or services (Ex: \\sb1files\isic-ge)
    username: intranet\gaspar username & gaspar password
  • MacOS X or Linux: smb:// acronym for the laboratory or services
    username: gaspar username & gaspar password

If you have some problems for access to this service, contact Lorenzo Chiriatti (BCH 1212) or Yoann Dind (CH G1 621) or Cédric Passerini (ISIC-Valais)

3. SWITCHdrive

Each student and employee at EPFL is granted with 25 GB of storage space. Thanks to the initiative of SWITCH, the well-known service provider to Swiss universities, your data will remain safely within the Swiss cloud.

  • Synchronization between your various peripherals (smartphone, tablet or office PC)
  • Data are stored in Switzerland and subject to Swiss laws
  • 25 GB of storage space
  • Maximum size of file for uploading: 4 GB
  • Data are completely deleted after the closing of an account
  • Easy sharing of files with another SWITCHdrive user
  • Sharing of files with other internet users using a simple download link

Ho to access this service
To get started, simply go directly to and request a SWITCHcloud ID using your EPFL credentials.

Useful links: Support and on-line documentation SWITCHdrive

4. SWITCHfilesender

SWITCHfilesender is the best way to send large files up to 50 GB. This web-based service couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Start SWITCHfilesender in your browser.
  2. Log in (using your EPFL Account or voucher login).
  3. Upload your file to the protected SWITCH cloud.
  4. Enter the recipient’s e-mail address.
  5. Send the file.

The recipient then gets an e-mail containing the download link.

All university members can send external users a voucher for a single use of SWITCHfilesender. The voucher is valid for a maximum of 20 days and permits the holder to send one file.

Unlike comparable web-based services, SWITCHfilesender runs in the protected SWITCH cloud. Files are stored exclusively at SWITCH’s data centre in Switzerland and deleted after 20 days at the very latest. If you want to store files in the SWITCH Cloud with no time limit, SWITCHdrive is the service for you.

Ho to access this service
You can simply login with your EPFL credentials (username and Gaspar password) at the following address:

Useful links: Support and on-line documentation SWITCHfilesender

5. CLOUD Services (MS Sharepoint & Google drive)

Many of you use “cloud” services (such as Dropbox, iCloud, etc.) on a daily basis, using private accounts, to exchange or store documents. However, these tools involve certain risks, in particular concerning the confidentiality and ownership of the data you put there.

For this reason, EPFL management has decided to validate an initial provider of “cloud” services in this area, with whom a specific contract has been concluded.

  1. For all the administrative or sensitive documents (personal information on employees, contracts, patents, etc.) where the law requires that they be physically stored in Switzerland, a new Microsoft SharePoint platform has been put in place. These documents remain on EPFL secure servers, and their access is limited to authorized persons. An online tutorial for the creation of new SharePoint folders and access management is available here. (
  2. For research-related documents in the case of non-sensitive projects, which may require the access of persons external to EPFL (external colleagues, researchers from partner institutions, etc.), the School is now offering the option of using Google Apps.
    A Google user account has been created automatically for you (access via your Tequila/Gaspar account).

The IS Service Desk (telephone 1234 or [email protected]) is at your disposal for advice and information relating to the use of these tools.

EPFL management requests that, from now on, you privilege these two services, as only they can be recommended to ensure the security, availability and confidentiality of your precious documents.
The use of other “cloud” services, not validated by EPFL, as part of your professional activities is your exclusive responsibility. Therefore, we draw your attention to the relevant legal framework and to the possible consequences you may face if you fail to respect it.

You will find general information at: