Junior Faculty Development

The 2020 call for proposals for the Junior Faculty Development Program is now closed

The Junior Faculty Development program is the first program launched within the framework of the “Excellence in Africa” initiative. It will pair up early-stage professors in Africa with EPFL professors, providing funding for a jointly-designed research project over a period of 4 to 5 years. In the course of the project, the Africa-based professor will complete a secondment of up to one year in the laboratory of his/her colleague at EPFL.


The Junior Faculty Development program is designed to bring together talented and highly-educated early-stage professors in Africa with professors at EPFL striving for common goals: scientific excellence, the promotion of knowledge, and the wish to have a positive societal impact in Africa. The Junior Faculty Development program will thus lay the ground for successful careers in Africa and potentially lasting collaborations with EPFL.

Eligibility criteria
  • Must be employed or due to be hired by an African higher education institution
  • Must have earned a PhD degree between 1st January 2011 and 31st March 2020
  • Must have an outstanding research and publication track record
  • Must submit a research project within the current domains of scientific or technological research activity at EPFL

Eligible costs include and are limited to:

  • Personnel costs at the host institution of the applicant, but not the salary of the Junior Faculty grantee, who must be employed and payed by his/her African host institution
  • Personnel costs for a maximum of CHF 210’000 for the full duration of the project for personnel employed on the research project in the laboratory of the EPFL professor
  • Travel, including participation in conferences and workshops and travel linked to the collaboration
  • Scientific equipment(s) and other infrastructure of durable value
  • Research funds, including consumables, direct costs of infrastructure use, computing time and data access, publication costs, and justified expenses of third parties (subcontracting)
  • A living allowance may be approved if there is a written official confirmation from the host institution in Africa that a living allowance for secondment at EPFL cannot be covered by the host institution
  • No overheads are allowed for this program; instead, an amount of maximum CHF 20’000 per year can be dedicated to a defined project aimed at the betterment of the Junior Faculty grantee’s host institution

The application and evaluation process includes two stages.

Please read carefully the application guidelines.

All required documents must be submitted on the online submission platform.

Submission Deadline

The 2020 call for proposal is now closed. We received 171 eligible applications and the Stage 1 assessment is now completed.

Africa-based candidates have applied via the online submission platform before 15th April 2020 (17:00 CEST).

Shortlisted candidates, who are successfully paired with an EPFL professor, will be invited to submit a full research proposal.

The Stage 2 submission deadline is 30th September 2020 (17:00 CEST) (extended from 25th August 2020).

Selection Process

Shortlisted applicants who are successfully matched with an EPFL professor will be notified by July 2020 and invited to submit a full proposal for Stage 2.

Final decisions will be announced by November 2020.


For more information:

Excellence in Africa

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Contact: [email protected]