Monitoring and Modeling of the Environment

Environmental engineers studying phenomena of complex nature, which have multiple interactions and manifest at very different scales. To understand these phenomena and their impacts, it is first necessary to observe the environment adequately. Managing the environment requires the cross-checking of numerous data on soil, water and atmosphere. This requires tools and techniques to acquire, transmit and stock data, as well as use algorithms and software to explore the data and simulate the behavior of environmental systems. Thus equipped-e, e-engineer can assess the impact of work on environment, compare alternatives and propose a coherent action plan to his partners.

The “Monitoring and modeling of the environment” specialization provides the knowledge of engineering to measure, model and represent the fundamental parameters and the interactions between natural and anthropogenic phenomena.

Monitoring and modeling of the environment includes:

  • Measuring environmental parameters at different levels in the time and in space
  • The description of the evolution of these parameters, cross-checking and analysis to understand natural phenomena
  • Integrating the results into models to assess the impact of the proposed interventions

This specialization offers a series of courses in the areas of:

  • Information management and modeling: databases, geographic information systems (GIS), distributed information systems
  • Systems of measurement and observation: geomonitoring, distributed intelligent systems, imagery of territory, remote sensing, navigation techniques
  • Analytical methods: geostatistics, spatial analysis, environmental geovisualisation

Environmental engineers specializing in monitoring and modeling reinforce their basic skills in computer science, mathematics and statistics. They develop an original profile in measurement systems, GIS and modeling. These skills are required in most projects and – compared with many academic training in other universities – they are thorough in this specialization. This situation offers an obvious competitive advantage in our graduates with excellent prospects in industry, engineering offices and administration.