Technical information

The school will include data analysis of pre-collected patterns using different techniques and different programs / software suites, all of them generally available to the public for free. The one exception – TOPAS – is a commercial program, whose license is costly, but a free temporary license will be available for the attendees during – and limited to – the school.
The attendees are supposed to carry with them their own laptop, in order to fully profit from the practical data analysis sessions. We strongly advise to try to install the programs whose demos you are interested to follow in advance!! In case you need some assistance with that, a limited support will be offered during the school. Make sure you have administrator’s rights and passwords on the computers you bring with you, as many installers require that.
Not all programs run on all platforms (MacOSX, Linux, Windows).
You may be limited in your choice by the computer you bring with you.
The programs that will be demonstrated are the following
Topas     The program will be made available on site.
              It runs only on Windows systems.

              It runs native on MacOSX, Linux. It needs Python 2.7 and gcc/gfortran 4.7 or higher.
              It can be run on Windows using a virtual Linux machine (available on-site). 

              It runs native on MacOSX, Linux, Windows. Needs Python 2.7 preinstalled.
              It runs native on MacOSX, Linux, Windows.
              It runs native on MacOSX, Linux, Windows.
              Email [email protected]
              It runs native on MacOSX, Linux, Windows.