Application to double degree

Students doing their BSc at EPFL apply at EPFL during their last BSc year, those from Mathematical Engineering at PoliMi during their first MSc year. All the others apply at PoliMi during their last BSc year.

Rules for students applying at PoliMi:

  • Student is at the first year of the Master of Science in Mathematical Engineering (Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Matematica), track in Computational Science and Engineering
  • Application deadline: January 31st
  • PoliMi evaluates the candidates by February 28th and sends the accepted applications to EPFL by March 31st
  • Students accepted by PoliMi apply at EPFL by April 15th
  • In the letter of intent, explain the interest of pursuing the double degree program
  •  Put the President of the Math Engineering program of PoliMi as referee for a reference letter (only one is necessary)
  • EPFL evaluates the candidates by May 31st
  • In September, accepted students are at EPFL for the second year of the program

Rules for students applying at EPFL:

  • Students are not yet in the Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Master of Science
  • By December 15th or April 15th: application to the regular CSE master. In the letter of intent, explain the interest to the double degree program.
  • In parallel, the student also has to apply at PoliMi by beginning of May, see
  • EPFL selects the candidates. The admission to the double degree program is subjet to the acceptance by both institution. A student who is not accepted at Politecnico di Milano, but only at EPFL, can follow the CSE standard program.
  • In September, accepted students are at PoliMi for the first year of the program


  1. The above deadlines are indicative only and should be verified on the websites of the University Secretariat.
  2. The master committees of EPFL and PoliMi take the final decision independently.
  3. Students that are accepted only by one institution are allowed to enter the local program only.
  4. Students who apply at PoliMi are eligible for possible PoliMi financial support.
  5. Students who apply at EPFL are eligible for the EPFL scholarship.