White spaces

The white spaces are accessible to campus visitors. They are managed with parking meters and various dematerialized payment solutions.


A parking authorization is required on working days, from 7am to 5pm:
  • CHF 1.- for the first hour
  • CHF 2.- for the following hours
Outside these hours, parking on white spaces is free.


  • Payment by currency at the machine ticket
  • Payment via the Parkingpay app (iOS, android, web): integrating all main payment methods used in Switzerland.
  • Payment via the EasyPark app (iOS, android): leader in Europe, payment by credit card.
  • Payment via the Twint app (iOS, android): scanning of the QR code on the meter.


Find all the white spaces on campus .

Quartier Nord parking

Located under the SwissTech Convention Centre, the parking lot provides space for up to 280 cars and is mainly intended for clients of the shopping area. The flux of conference attendees will generally be taken over by public transport, in particular by the metro. 

Parking time Day
(7 am – 9 pm)
(9 pm – 7 am)
1st hour free 2.-
1h01-1h30 3.- 4.-
1h31-1h45 4.- 4.-
1h46-2h00 5.- 4.-
2h01-2h15 6.- 6.-
2h16-2h30 7.- 6.-
2h31-2h45 8.- 6.-
2h46-3h00 9.- 6.-
3h01-3h30 10.50 8.-
3h31-4h00 12.- 8.-
4h01-4h30 14.- 10.-
4h35-5h00 16.- 10.-
From 5:01 a.m. onwards 5.-/overtime hour 4.-/overtime hour

Lost ticket: 30.-

Parking spaces are available for rent in the Quartier Nord car park for CHF 200.00/month including VAT.

More information:
Comptoir Immobilier, Lausanne
Phone: +41 21 313 23 33