One concept, transdisciplinarity and multiple activities

Exploring a notion via the humanities and the exact sciences through various activities that involve the entire EPFL community and the general public: this is the principle of the College of Humanities’ THEMA project. After Uncertainty in 2021, and Trace in 2022, THEMA 2023 focuses on the notion of ENERGY.

The concept of energy is polysemous and raises essential issues everywhere: in the fields of scientific research, engineering, sustainability, philosophy, or health. Several events are planned during the year 2023.

The notion of trace is at the heart of contemporary preoccupations that can be illuminated jointly by the human and social sciences and the exact sciences. Discover the events that will develop this notion during the year 2022.

The first edition of THEMA focused on uncertainty. A series of events, interviews and discussions allowed us to think about this notion that has particularly invaded our lives in 2021 and during the pandemic.