THEMA 2023 – Energy

One concept, transdisciplinarity and multiple activities

After Uncertainty in 2021, then Trace in 2022, THEMA 2023 focuses on the notion of ENERGY.

Where to find energy? How to conserve it? Can we avoid its degradation? How to transform it? The concept of energy is polysemous and raises essential issues everywhere: in the fields of scientific research, engineering, sustainability, philosophy, or health.

In order to think about energy in its wealth of meanings and contemporary and timeless issues, several events are planned during the year 2023:

One lunchtime per month, scientists, artists and/or philosophers are invited for a face-to-face discussion on a philosophical and scientific theme. The meetings take place in different places on campus with a snack offered to participants, upon registration.

Scientists, philosophers, artists and sportsmen and women will meet to discuss, in public, our relationship with energy, its sources, its necessity and its fragility.

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Energy, source of inspiration
Writing workshop around the concept of energy. A selection of EPFL students and collaborators have the privilege of discussing and working closely with writers from the French-speaking part of Switzerland on a literary production revolving around the notion of energy.

Pranayama is one of the pillars of yoga. A breathing technique accessible to all, it allows you to learn to know and control your energy. It is also an essential tool to reduce stress and increase concentration.

  • Tuesdays 18, 25 April, 2 and 9 May, 7-8 pm