THEMA 2022 – Trace

One concept, transdisciplinarity and multiple activities

The second edition of THEMA focuses on the notion of TRACE.

From the trace that the pandemic will leave in our lifestyles, our bodies and our memories, to the digital trace left online. From the historical relic, studied and preserved, to the polluting residue that must be tracked down, destroyed or recycled. From the imprint that betrays the criminal, to the gesture that creates a movement in space, through the mark witnessing our experiences to be healed … What traces do we observe and what traces do we want to leave?

The notion of trace is at the heart of contemporary preoccupations that can be enlightened jointly by the human and social sciences and the exact sciences.

Several events are planned to fuel this reflection on the trace:

“On the trail of life” is a podcast realized in the form of portraits and intimate investigations in search of life in the laboratories of various scientists at EPFL.

About once a month, a philosopher is invited on campus for a discussion, in person, around a theme. The meetings take place in different places of the campus, around a lunch offered to the participants, upon registration.

Next meeting:

  • Laisser des traces est-il inévitable, nécessaire ou inutile ?
    Wednesday, December 7 from 12:15 to 1:15 pm at Rolex Learning Center

A writing workshop supported by professional writers on the theme of the trace.
> Discover participants’ texts (pdf)

A dance workshop, introduction to contemporary dance as a “physical art of traces” with the choreographer Gérald Durand and his company Sundora & Dgendu.

Two open-air conferences (in French) to discover the known space in a different way, to be attentive to the human and non-human traces that inhabit it and to grasp the societal, political and ethical stakes, in the company of passionate and fascinating researchers.

Open to all upon registration

Exchanges with our artists in residence

One or more artists from the Artist-in-Residence program (EPFL CDH AiR) will collaborate in discussions on the notion of trace. Their artistic works will be discovered throughout the year 2022 on the EPFL campus.