Cisco SX20 / SX80 Devices

SX20 SX80
SX20 SX80

EPFL call World

When you have been allocated one of the rooms equipped with the SX20 or SX80 systems, use one of the two following protocols to communicate to an external part:

  • SIP
    Type the URI identifier of your contact on the touch remote-control.
    Ex: [email protected].  Don’t hesitate to contact the URI above to make a test.
  • H.323
    Type the IP address of your contact plus “@h.h
    Ex: [email protected]
  • To join a system connected to a Gatekeeper ([email protected] or
    Dial the number + a dot “.” + IP address + “@h.h
    Ex: [email protected]


World call EPFL

To be contacted on an item of videoconferencing equipment by an external contact, his/her equipment must be able to communicate with any of these protocols SIP or H.323.

Your external contact choose one of the two syntaxes above depending on the ability to compose @ or # on their videoconferencing equipment.You can find this information when you start the videoconferencing    system, as shown below

Fond d'écran salle de vidéoconférence