Swiss Solar Boat

One team, one goal, one boat

Swiss Solar Boat

Go faster, further and with the least amount of energy. These are the 3 key expressions of Swiss Solar Boat, a project made up of more than 50 bachelor and/or master students from several sections of the EPFL and the HEIG-VD. The main goal of this team? – To participate in the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge 2021, a competition organized by the Monaco Yacht Club, which aims to develop alternative propulsion systems using only renewable energy.

The project is simple: to build a foil boat of more than 7 meters in length, powered only by solar panels, capable of reaching ideally 25 knots in top speed. The boat will be steered by a pilot on board.

Some numbers:

  • 7m in length
  • 140 kg in total
  • 25 kts in top speed
  • 1500 Wh in energy
  • 6m² of solar surface
  • 1 pilot

A little more about the team …

Founded in 2019, Swiss Solar Boat is composed in part of several students who participated in Hydrocontest, a competition dedicated to maritime energy efficiency, and thus gathering 6 years of experience. Over the years, the team has won several awards ranging from the innovation award, to winning the lightweight category in September 2019. It is now turning to a bigger challenge, embarking on this new technical and human adventure.



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EPFL Coordinator: Robin Amacher (Laboratory of Processing of Advanced Composites – LPAC)

Academic Responsible : Jürg Schiffmann (LPAC)