Master Project

As an integral part of their studies, students of Master in Financial Engineering (MFE) must spend a period of 25 weeks as full-time interns in the financial industry in Switzerland or abroad. During this period, each student must write a master thesis under the joint supervision of a collaborator from the host institution and an EPFL faculty member acting as an academic supervisor. The institution in which the student does his/her internship as well as the topic of the master thesis are subject to approval.

Objective of a Master Project

The master project (company master project) consists in a 25 weeks internship in the financial industry during which students have to write a master thesis on a financial engineering topic. This provides students the opportunity to put into practice the academic knowledge acquired during their studies at EPFL, gain some professional experience and familiarize themselves with company processes.

Calendar and registration

The master thesis and associated internship last 25 weeks and take place in the fourth semester of the master program after students have successfully completed three semesters of coursework.  In accordance with EPFL academic calendar the MFE master project is allowed to start as soon as the students coursework grades are available in late February or early March. If you have questions regarding any aspect of MFE master projects, please contact the Financial Engineering section by sending an email to [email protected].