Resources for students

Online resources for project and prototyping assistance.
As part of the projects and courses conducted in Discovery Learning Laboratories, online resources are being developed. This page gathers Discovery Learning Videos, video capsules produced and made available to the EPFL student community.

A rich ecosystem

Starting a project at EPFL and carrying it out requires a good knowledge of the campus ecosystem. The best solution known to date is to contact the “coaches”, who have the necessary overview to redirect you towards the right resource.

  • Do you have a project in mind and would like to receive support or do you have a specific question? Contact Julien Delisle who will be able to direct you to one of the coordinators of the different support programs for the project (MAKE, Field, Changemakers, Act for change lab, student associations).
  • You are in the process of carrying out a project and would like to receive advice? Contact the right coach in the list of coaches.

Online resources

Here under, you can find a list of online practical resources, to accompany you in realizing your project.

Nom de la ressourceDLL DomaineLien URL
3D printing by FDMDLL MaterialCapsule MOOC
3D printing by DLPDLL MaterialCapsule MOOC
SolderingDLL TechnicalCapsule MOOC
Gantt DiagramDLL Project management Capsule MOOC
Photopolymerisation- How to measure internal constraints?DLL MaterialCapsule MOOC
Resin Transfer Molding – How fast to transfer tresin in a textil fabric?DLL MaterialCapsule MOOC
Mecanical-rupture – How much energy a crack propagate?DLL MaterialCapsule MOOC
Mecanical- bending- What is the rigidity of a sandwich ?DLL MaterialCapsule MOOC
Cellular culture- How to manipulate cells in a P1 safety level laboratory?DLL BiologyCapsule MOOC
Synthesis and deformation of hydrogelsDLL Biology – MaterialCapsule MOOC
Verrerie Part1, Pipeting and dilutionDLL ChemistryCapsule MOOC
Verrerie Part2, Burette and titratingDLL ChemistryCapsule MOOC
Quantitive transvasingDLL ChemistryCapsule MOOC
Rotative evaporaorDLL ChemistryCapsule MOOC
Balance and analytical weightingDLL ChemistryCapsule MOOC
Nano-indentationDLL Equipment Capsule MOOC
Treating data with excelDLL ChemistryCapsule MOOC
Using ChemdrawDLL ChemistryCapsule MOOC