Different types of supported projects

For credits and coordinated

Not credited and coordinated

Projects approved by the Make committee where students earn course credits and work with peers from other sections in a coordinated manner to achieve a common goal.

Examples: EPFLoop / IGEM / EPFL Rocket Team / CHIC …

Projects where students do not earn course credits but are supervised by an EPFL professor or senior staff member.


Examples: Hackatons / Summer Schools / Continuing education programs

Credited and not    coordinated

Not credited and not coordinated

Projects carried out individually where students earn course credits and are supervised and graded by an EPFL professor.

Examples: Master projects / Hands on training / SKIL

Projects carried out individually or in groups where students don’t earn course credits but their work is recognized by an EPFL body.

Examples: Changemakers / Enable / Act for change lab / Student associations