Emergency Childcare

Concerning the Coronavirus, the Red Cross has communicated a protection plan to the Assistants validated by Doctor Pétignat, of the HPCI cell. The necessary equipment has been provided to our teams. We apply the following restrictions:

No missions are carried out if:

  • a family member is in isolation in a room because he or she is positive at Covid-19.
  • a family member is waiting for the result of a diagnostic test.
  • a child over 12 years of age has symptoms of Covid-19 without a medical diagnosis.

The Red Cross can go and look after children who find themselves in quarantine because their class is closed. In the presence of the person mandated by the Red Cross, the child over 12 years of age in quarantine wears a mask during the entire visit. When snacks are taken, the distance of 1.5 metres will be scrupulously respected and the mask must be worn by the person on duty.

On the initiative of the Equality Office and its Steering Committee and in partnership with the Red Cross, EPFL offers to its employees, emergency childcare services for sick or injured children. This initiative has been possible thanks to the financial support of the Robert Gnehm Fund.

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  • If a parent employed by EPFL is unable to come to work due to a sick or injured child or because of the sudden incapacity of the child carer, a daycare service can be arranged through Red Cross, therefore enabling to come to work.
  • This emergency care offer does not affect the parents’ right to take leave to look after their sick child as defined in Art. 52 OPers-EPF, but aims to provide an additional solution.


  • The use of Red Cross subsidized emergency care service can not exceed 40 hours per family per calendar year.
  • The age limit of children is 12 years old.
  • For managers (functional levels ≥ 10) and professors, EPFL request a contribution of CHF 20 per hour. This contribution will be deducted from the monthly income once per quarter. Concerned employees will be informed beforehand.
  • Beyond 40 hours per year, the use of Red Cross service is no longer possible through EPFL subscription, and must be paid directly to Red Cross.

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