Highlight your association activities in your CV

Mention of the association activities in the diploma supplement

As part of the project for the valuation of association experience at the academic level, it has been decided that students could have their association activities (in an EPFL recognized association) highlighted in their diploma supplement.

The acceptance criteria for a mention in the diploma supplement depend on the following :

  • The candidate is/was a member of the central committee of an EPFL recognized association or a commission of AGEPoly for at least a one-year mandate
  • The degree of accountability
  • The added-value of his/her work in the association

Educational Affairs (DAF) will evaluate all applications and reach a decision about every request.

Application must include two documents :

  • personal application form with the following information :
  • Position in the association, period of activity
  • Role in the different projects and activities
  • Striking facts, accomplishments (if possible, provide some figures)

The application form has to be signed by two members of the steering committee who, by doing so, will validate the content. For AGEPoly’s commissions, it has to be signed by two members of the steering committee.

  • short argument (two pages maximum) describing :
  • association impact on the campus life/EPFL image
  • completed and current projects
  • student implication in the association’s life

Applications must be sent electronically to [email protected] or to Domaine de la Formation – CE 1630 – Station 1 – EPFL – 1015 Lausanne

Form for the highlight of the associative experience application here