Highlight your association activities in your CV

It is possible for a Bachelor or Master Student to mention their contribution to associations acknowledged by EPFL in their diploma supplement. This is subject to certain conditions:

1.- The criteria to mention association activities in the diploma supplement depend on:

  • the fact that the applicant should be or have been part of the Association Directing Committee recognized by the EPFL or an AGEPoly Commission
  • applicant’s level of responsibility
  • added value of the applicant’s work within the association or project submitted
2.-  The Educational affairs assesses applications and will respond to all complete files that will be received. Application files should include:
  • an activity report
  • an impact document
  • a personal file countersigned by 2 other association members

3.- Deadline for reception of the applications by Educational Affairs are:

  • Bachelor degree students : According to the date indicated in the message sent every end of semester when launching the procedure to highlight associative experience
  • Master degree students : On the date of submission of the Master Project

Further information and application Form here