Advertising on campus


©Adrien Buttier/EPFL

Posters or stickers may only be displayed on campus on the notice boards and only for the events, persons or bodies listed below:

UNIL associations wishing to post on our site must go through the FAE (021 692 25 91 or [email protected]).

Good posting practice

  • Use A3 paper as much as possible
  • Use bodybuilder’s tape
  • Do not post on other posters/outside the frame
  • Only one identical poster per display panel


L’Intendance – Concierge Service removes the posters every 1st working day of the month:

  • to ensure maintenance
  • to avoid having walls covered with posters.

All posters, except for the signs, are removed on campus.

The company ISS is in charge of the dismantling.

  • Wednesday, January 1st
  • Friday, February 2nd
  • Friday, March 1st
  • Monday, April 1st
  • Friday, May 1st
  • Monday, June 3rd
  • Monday, July 1st
  • Thursday, August 1st
  • Monday, September 2nd
  • Tuesday, October 1st
  • Friday, November 1st
  • Monday, December 2nd

Promotion and commercial actions

Any advertising on campus for promotional offers aimed at students or collaborators is strictly prohibited.

Any leaflet distribution and signature collections must be requested from Mediacom Events: [email protected]