Advertising on campus


Posting posters or stickers on campus is prohibited except:

UNIL associations wishing to post on our site must go through the FAE (021 692 25 91 or [email protected]).


L’Intendance – Concierge Service removes the posters every 1st working day of the month:

  • to ensure maintenance
  • to avoid having walls covered with posters.

All posters, except for the signs, are removed on campus.

The company ISS is in charge of the dismantling

2021 Dismantling dates

  • Monday, January 4th
  • Monday, February 1st
  • Monday, March 1st
  • Thursday April 1st
  • Monday, May 3rd
  • Tuesday June 1st
  • Thursday, July 1st
  • Monday, August 2nd
  • Wednesday, September 1st
  • Friday, October 1st
  • Monday, November 1st
  • Wednesday, December 1st

Promotion and commercial actions

Any leaflet distribution and signature collections must be requested from Mediacom Events: [email protected]

Any advertising on campus for promotional offers aimed at students or collaborators is strictly prohibited.