Canopy Pavilion

Based on scientific research conducted at EPFL, the Canopy Pavilion is a lightweight shading structure for a social gathering space.

The Canopy Pavilion has been designed in a collaborative effort between the Geometric Computing Laboratory (GCM) and the Laboratory for Collective and Active Imagination with Space (ALICE). The key concept of using an auxetic membrane is based on scientific research performed at GCM (see list of publications below). For more information, please contact [email protected].

Canopy Site

Centrally located, between the Rolex Learning Center and the EPFL Pavilions.

Structural System

An efficient double-membrane based on an auxetic linkage.


Optimized shading performance for a pleasant experience.




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Canopy Pavilion showcases new technology with a place in the shade.

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The Canopy Pavilion: A lightweight shading structure using a deployable auxetic linkage membrane

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publication thumbnail

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Computational Design of Deployable Auxetic Shells

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Beyond Developable: Computational Design and Fabrication with Auxetic Materials

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Bistable Auxetic Surface Structures

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Computational Design of Auxetic Shells

M. Konakovic Lukovic / M. Pauly (Dir.)  

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