EPFL Innovation park

If you are an employee from an EPFL Innovation park company and you need a parking authorization on a green parking place, you have to ask your administrator. He or she will confirm that you are eligible, because only a limited number of parking authorizations are available for each company.

Once you have confirmation from your administrator that a green parking place is available, he or she will have to inform the parking desk (managed by Securitas) via e-mail. They will make sure your name is on the list of authorized people.

Then, in order to activate your parking authorisation, you can either:

  • send an e-mail with a digital copy of your car registration to the parking desk
  • go physically to the parking desk (Mo-Fr, 7.30-12) with your car registration for verification.

Once your parking account is active, you can purchase parking authorizations via the EPFL Campus mobile App (iOS or Android), or through the dedicated website (Gaspar account necessary). You can also purchase these at the parking desk.

Please note that parking authorizations are now nominative and tied to your plate(s) number(s).