X-Ray Crystallography



PTPSP facility provides instrumentation and expertise at every stage of the structure determination process for non-crystallography groups who are interested in solving the structures of their favorite macromolecule in apo-form or in complex with an inhibitor/substrate/partner…

We offer expertise and assistance in crystallization, crystal optimization,  X-ray crystal screening, data collection, data processing and structure determination and analysis.

Instruments available for crystals growing are a Mosquito crystal pipetting robot for screening and a Dragonfly crystal for  optimization. Suitable crystals are cryo-protected and send frozen to  SLS PSI once a month. X-ray Data  are collected remotely at the facility from PX3 or PX1 beamlines. Data are processed and structure determined in-house.

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  • Thursday 12th December 2019
  • Monday 3rd February 2020
  • Thursday 20th February 2020
  • Friday 20th March 2020
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  • Friday 12th of June 2020

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