Lab coats


The Glassware Washing Facility manages a common stock of P1 (white, cotton) and P2 (blue, microfibers) lab coats for the laboratories. These lab coats are available in all sizes and cannot be labelled by the users.

Distribution of Clean Lab Coats:

P1 and P2 clean lab coats are distributed in rooms AI 0231 and SV 1522, every day from 8:00AM to 12:00PM and 1:00PM to 4:30PM.

All new personnel may get a new P1 lab coat, directly from our Facility by registering with us and signing our borrowing register. This way, we are able to keep track precisely of our lab coat inventory status.

Collection of Dirty Lab Coats

  • P1 dirty lab coats must be brought back in the Glassware facility (ooms AI 0231 and SV 1522) during the daily opening hours in order to be exchanged with a clean labcoat;
  • P2 lab coats must be wrapped in your P2 laboratory in a yellow waste bage provided by our Facility. Those bags once filled should be closed and deposited beside the P2 waste collection area. Our personnel will take care to collect those yellow bags every Tuesday and Thursday morning along with your P2 waste.