Cost of living

The cost of living is very high in Switzerland

A typical budget is as follows :

Tuition (633.- CHF/semester)
106.-/month o 1266.-/12 months

100.-/month or 1200.-/12 months
The cost of school supplies varies greatly. Initially students will sometimes have to purchase equipment such as drawing materials, a calculator, a computer, etc. The course photocopies provided by EPFL will limit the costs, but it is necessary to account for a minimum of 1’200.- CHF per year in order to be able to study without relying too much on libraries or other people’s equipment.
For students in architecture the budget is higher due to the study visits. Additionnal annual budget has to be added of around 1500.- CHF during the first year, 800.- CHF during the next years.

750.-/month or 9000.-/12 months

Food (20.- CHF/day)
600.-/month or 7200.-/12 months
A full meal costs 8.50 CHF at a university restaurant.

Clothes and personal items
150.-/month or 1800.-/12 months

Health insurance
90.-/month or 1080.-/12 months
The amount for Swiss people and resident is higher, depending on the insurance broker, the canton and the insurance premium. The minimum is 250.- CHF/month.

Transport (subscription)
60.-/month or 720.-/12 months

Other (phone, internet, TV tax, leisure)
150.-/month or 1800.-/12 months
Serafe: In Switzerland, you are legaly obligated to pay the radio and television tax. By paying the fees (Frs 1.-/day) you enable radio and television programmes in every part of Switzerland.
Leisure represents a necessary part of the budget in order to maintain a personal balance and to extend your general culture. It costs around 30.- CHF to see a show and 16.- CHF to go to the cinema.

Total: ~ 2’000.- CHF/month or 24’100.- CHF/12 months

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