Reasons for failure

Failure, just like abandoning one’s studies, is never due to a single cause but to an accumulation of reasons. Singling out one can be deceptive and dangerous.

There are always interconnections between internal and external factors to the student and blaming only the student or only the institution for failure is simplistic.

  • educational project not properly thought out, hesitation between several study choices
  • lack of commitment and motivation, lack of maturity, low inclination for effort, lack of self-confidence, fear of exams
  • problems in learning how to be a student
  • insufficient intellectual skills: school baggage, prerequisites, working methods (taking notes, listening, memorising, exam preparation)
  • inadequate personal skills: time management, concentration, emotional control
  • cultural or geographical gap
  • personal or financial problems
  • study year, study Programme
  • studying conditions, supervision by the professors or assistants
  • relevance of study plans, overloaded study programmes, ambiguous requirements by the professors
  • exam selectiveness
  • chance


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