For fixed or foldable wing designs, the optimization of aerodynamics for efficiency and reliability will be critical. While less important for smaller UAVs, this topic is essential for higher altitude systems, and to the extreme for space UAVs capable of orbital re-entry.

Relevant EPFL laboratories

GTT – Group of Thermal Turbomachinery (Peter Ott)

Steady and unsteady flows in thermal turbomachinery

LIS – Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (Dario Floreano)

Aerial, evolutionary and soft robotics

LMH – Laboratory for Hydraulic Machines (François Avellan)

Hydrodynamics of rotating machines.

MCSS – Computational Mathematics and Simulation Science (Jan Hesthaven)

High performance modelling, predictive collision avoidance.

UNFOLD – Unsteady Flow Diagnostics Laboratory (Karen Mulleners)

Unsteady flows and aerodynamics. Bio-inspired robotic flapping winds.