Frequently Asked Questions

Who is invited to participate in EDMX Research Day?

Although the target audience for the Research Day is the materials science community at EPFL, anyone from the greater EPFL community is free to join the event! Invite your friends from other institutes if you think they may find it interesting! They just need the Zoom link to join.

Who is required to participate in EDMX Research Day?

All PhD students in EDMX are required to attend the Research Day. Additionally, every PhD student that completed their candidacy exam before January 1st 2021 and who will not have completed their private thesis defense before March 10th 2021 is required to submit a “poster presentation” and participate in the poster sessions. These students must register for the event in advance. Please follow the instructions laid out here.

When trying to register for the event, I get an error saying “You need permission.” What’s going on?

Registration is restricted to EPFL members, so you need to log into your EPFL Google account to complete the registration. Don’t know how to do this? In the top right of the page, click on your account icon and select “add another account”, then enter your full EPFL email address as the username. This will bring you to an EPFL page where you can log in with your gaspar credentials. Now the registration should work for you.

Am I submitting a video or a poster?

To participate in the “poster session”, you should make and upload a video presentation. The video should be about three minutes in length and you are largely free to choose what kind of video it is. It can be a PowerPoint, a virtual tour of a poster or even a scientific demonstration. If you need inspiration, you can look at the videos which have already been uploaded. Don’t forget to register for the event, including a link to your video and your personal zoom link for the live poster session in the registration form.

Will the poster presentation videos be kept confidential?

No. The videos will be accessible by anyone at EPFL, though people outside of EPFL cannot access them. Please keep this in mind when choosing which data and figures to include in your presentation.

I was selected to give an oral presentation. Do I still need to submit a “poster presentation”?

Yes. This will allow anyone who isn’t able to view your live talk the possibility to learn about your project, and will help us to collect and archive the excellent work being done in our institute!