The SV School Glassware Washing Facility also ensures a service of Sterilization by autoclaving, for all solutions prepared by the laboratories or equipment necessary to the scientific experiments.

NB: The only sterilization method available within our service is by autoclaving.

The laboratories are given blue plastic boxes where they can leave the solutions and equipment to be treated that our personnel will collect during their daily rounds. Once treated the material will be deposited in the green plastic boxes provided for that purpose.

Sterilization Procedures


Our updated general sterilization procedures are now available to our users by clicking on the icon below. These are becoming effective as of April 6th, 2017.

Sterilization Procedures 2017 – English Version

Feel free to contact us for any question or specific request concerning supplies or solutions to be strerilized, which are not mentioned in our new procedures.



Treatment Traceability

In order to monitor the sterilization cycles, temperature and pressure are measured during the whole run with a probe inserted in a control sample. At the end of the cycle each product sterilized is labeled with a barcode mentioning the kind of material, the treatment date and the batch number. This identifications enables to access the whole product sterilization data and therefore a compete traceability.
This data is available to our users an can be consulted anytime.

Equipment Maintenance

  • Off load tests, allowing the equipment proper functioning validation, are performed on each autoclave at the beginning of every week;
  • Regular follow up and services are performed on all our equipment by the SV Workshop technicians;
  • An external specialized company executes a yearly qualification of our autoclaves.

All the data concerning our equipment, cycles and services are available to our users upon request.