Apply for a P.O. box

Even when recognised by the EPFL, associations may not have an “internal” mailing address as they are legally independent of our institution.

You can either apply for a P.O. box in your association’s name by bringing the following documents to the EPFL Post Office: Articles of Association, List of Committee Members and persons with signature rights. For joint signature rights, at least one of the two persons entitled to sign should submit the application.
Please update details at the EPFL Post Office whenever your association’s Committee changes.

Or, if there is no opportunity by the Post office, the association can, after our accord, send the regular mail at our following address:

Association’s Name
c/o EPFL – VPE – DAF – Associations
CE 1 631, Station 1
1015 Lausanne

Registration in the EPFL Directory
Please send us your postal address and the link to your Website.