Summer schools for high school students

EPFL is directly concerned by the question of the new generation of scientists. The development of Summer schools for high school students is part of EPFL’s desire to anchor science and technology in the general knowledge of future students, therefore strengthening the attractiveness of engineering training.

Physical sciences, electronics, robotics, materials science, programming and environmental analysis are all fields that high school students get the chance to explore during EPFL’s Summer schools, which have multiple benefits that have proven their worth.

Teaching is given in an interdisciplinary and refreshing setting that goes beyond the scope of traditional high school subjects. It offers students the opportunity to interact with peers who share the same interest in science and allows the development of transferable skills in terms of time management, working methods and language skills.

The immersion offered during such Summer schools is a good preparation for university studies, as it gives students the possibility to further strengthen the fundamentals acquired in high school while encouraging creativity and applied dimension.

2021 Summer Schools

The truth tables behind calculators

A calculator is a reassuring companion during math tests. But how does it work? And how can we be sure that it displays the correct result? During this pre-university week, the participants will answer such questions while designing a calculator.

Nature, in code

During this Summer school, participants will learn the basics of JavaScript programming and implement key biological concepts in code to analyze their impact on life. The findings are presented in a visual form that is easy to interpret.

Relativité générale

De la première loi de Newton à la relativité restreinte, puis de la deuxième loi de Newton à la relativité générale, les participants reprendront le cheminement qui a conduit aux découvertes à la base des travaux menés aujourd’hui sur l’origine de l’Univers, les ondes gravitationnelles et les trous noirs.

Your own mobile robot

Learn how to connect electronic components, program a microcontroller and create 3D models. During this Summer school, participants will dive into the theory and application of mobile robotics using the micro:bit board to conceptualize, design and build their own robot.

Des atomes aux ordinateurs

En partant des bases, les participants apprendront à connaître les techniques de pointe dans la simulation, incluant la dynamique moléculaire, les automates cellulaires et le machine learning. Des scientifiques les guideront dans la réalisation de projets simples en lien avec la modélisation des matériaux.

MINT Klasse Gymnasium Lerbermatt

Le Service de promotion de l’éducation organise chaque année une Summer school pour les élèves des classes MINT du gymnase Lerbermatt à Köniz (BE).

Past Summer Schools

Mobile robotics

During this 4-day Summer school, participants will alternate theory sessions and practicals with Prof. F. Mondada and Dr A. Dame. They will explore the foundations of mobile robotics and dig into topics such as sensors, motion, control, local navigation, neural networks and machine learning.


These Summer schools are organized each year, during the summer or the autumn. Specific programs may also be proposed in collaboration with the high schools. If you are interested by this offer, do not hesitate to contact the Education outreach department:

[email protected]

Centre Midi – CM2 348
Station 10
CH – 1015 Lausanne