Students today… And at 50?

EPFL is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019. How do the EPFL students imagine their lives when they will be 50? Find this out in our dedicated series (in French).

Yassine Khalfi

It is often said that we must embody the change we want to see in our world. I hope I can do that.

Yassine Khalfi, Bachelor Communication Systems, member of Junior Entreprise

Master of the section of computer science,
Former head of media of EPFLoop.

“I expect a significant increase in the number of trees on campus and in the number of female researchers.”

Master in Architecture,
Member of the Poly Improvisation Pool.

“It’s important to have activities outside of work.”

Environmental Sciences and Engineering Master,
President of the One TREE for climate commission.

“I imagine an exemplary campus, which would be a model in terms of good initiatives.”

Master is Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology,
AGEPoly president.

“In 50 years time, I hope that EPFL will be as dynamic, enriching and international as it is today.”