EPFL Startups

As the unique Launchpad for promising startups, you can find here the list with all EPFL Startups, either incorporated or in creation.
Those lists gather all the high-tech companies that were created from EPFL technologies and/or people or with which EPFL had very close links from their foundation or main line of business.
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You will find on this page a complete list of all the startups from EPFL.

This page presents the list of the EPFL startups in creation.


Meet the Startup Class of 2021

2021 was the year where 32 startups graduated EPFL and became fully-fledged companies. So let’s meet the EPFL startup class of 2021.

Startups of the ETH domain and EPFL Innovation Park

EPFL Startups Exits

Find the list of EPFL Startups exits

Spin-off Information ETH Domain

A more detailed information is available on the web site Spied.ch (Spin-off Information ETH Domain)

EPFL Innovation Park company list

FInd here all the startups located at EPFL Innovation Park

EPFL Startups News