EPFL Startups in creation

Startup ProjectDescriptionSectorFaculty
Adaptyv BiosystemsA novel platform for high-throughput screening of antibodiesMedTechSTI
AeternumEnabling circular buildings via re-adaptable and reusable structuresCleanTechENAC
AllureMoving freely –  electric wheelchair with multi-directional wheelsMedTechSTI
Arkaiya New pioneering class of probiotic for an improved immune systemFoodTechENAC
AutonomyoEnabling people with muscular and neurological deficiencies to walk againMedTechSTI
B-IOTA technology based on IoT, data analysis, and artificial intelligence to track devices indoor and improve efficiency between actors of complex organizationsMedTechStudent
B-NovusBuilding modular sustainable furnitureCleanTechENAC
Blue Energy LeapHarvesting energy from salty waterCleanTechSTI
CaptureMobile application enabling individuals to record their dreams and explain themICTStudent
CassioPAll-glass enabling next generation photonics systemsEnginneringSTI
CondensationNext-generation database ensuring data ownership, security, and integritySoftwareIC
ConsultoConnect independent physicians, help them work together on complex patients and make the best clinical decisions based on their joint expertise.MedTechSV
CorintisCooling electronics from within – enabling smaller, lighter and more efficient electronicsElectronicsSTI
EirDropNext generation of plant based biosynthetic productionBiotechSTI
EmissiumDecarbonization of the electricity grid.CleanTechSTI
EnerdrapeTurning underground environment into renewable heat sourcesCleanTechENAC
FiberLabImproving the quality and efficiency of chronic wound careMedTechSTI
HemostOD SAA new source of platelets, manufactured on demand, to relieve blood banks and hospitalsBiotech
HikaneHikane is a Startup developing a device for blind and visually impaired people. EngineeringStudent
InmodiAssessing knee health at any Point of Care through smart wearablesMedTechSTI
LimooAn e-commerce platform connecting professional chefs from multicultural backgrounds with their host community, by making healthy, sustainable, and affordable eating for societyFoodTechStudent
NuGlasOvercoming poor indoor mobile phone connectivityEngineeringENAC
OmnigraspSimple automation for complex tasks – a soft robotic gripper for fragile and deformable objectsRoboticsSTI
ParitheraGuiding personalised cancer treatment with actionable analysis of circulating tumour cellsMedTechSTI
QaptisCapturing CO2 from tracks and shipsCleanTechSTI
RAAAM TechnologiesSmallest On-Chip memory technology for integrated circuitsElectronicsSTI
REA TestEnabling home monitoring of women at risk a of preterm birthMedTechSB
RetreevaRecovering precious metals from industry waste streamCleanTechSB
School ReboundDetecting handwriting difficulties early and providing targeted remediation gamesICTIC
SolaxerCutting reliance on fossil fuel with a next generation heat harvesting technologyCleanTech
SoberITAssessing the digital footprint and IT costs of companies in an accurate, easy, and scalable manner and implementing strategies to reduce itICTStudent
SpectraceMeasuring and analysis exposure to ambient spectral light via a wearable deviceMedTechENAC
Sun’N’Go Modular, compact and solar energy centers for NGOs working with off-grid communities in South-East AfricaCleanTechStudent
SwistorHigh energy and ultra-fast charging battery replacementsCleanTechSTI
SwoxidReusable antiviral masks with innovative filters sterilized via UV lightCleanTechSTI
VirtuosisUsing artifical intelligence to better assess candidates for job openingsICTStudent


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