Cellular and Molecular

EPFL Neuro Investigators – Cellular and Molecular

Johan Auwerx

Signaling networks, mitochondrial function and metabolism in health, aging and disease

Gregoire Courtine

Motor control and neuroprosthetics in rodents, monkeys and humans

Diego Ghezzi

Neuro-optoelectronic interfaces and visual prosthesis

Johannes Gräff

Mechanisms of long-term memory in mice – epigenetics, PTSD and Alzheimer’s disease

Ana Marija Jaksic

Experimental evolutionary neurobiology

Graham Knott

Electron microscopy of the ultrastructure of synapses, cells and circuits

Gioele La Manno

Genetic programming of cell-types in the mammalian nervous system

Hilal Lashuel

Molecular and structural basis of protein misfolding and aggregation in neurodegenerative diseases

Henry Markram

Structure, function and plasticity of neuronal microcircuits in rodents and in silico

Brian McCabe

Motor circuits and diseases in flies, mice and humans

Carl Petersen

Neuronal circuits for reward-based learning of goal-directed behaviour in mice

Pavan Ramdya

Neural circuits driving behavior in flies and robots

Carmen Sandi

Mechanisms of stress and anxiety in humans and rodents

Ralf Schneggenburger

Synaptic mechanisms of fear learning in mice

Bernard Schneider

Neurodegenerative disease and gene therapy