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MTE Students 2022-24

MTE Students 2021-23

Sofia Bellina

Education background: BSc. in “Management and Production” Engineering, Polytechnic of Milan, Italy

Areas of interest:

I am interested in different sectors; namely Finance Insurance, Food or Energy. In terms of function, I am very interested in business organization, especially in Human Resources. I am fascinated by project management and change management: particularly, in redesigning and reconverting companies in the name of social and environmental sustainability. I am also interested in consultancy and control and performance measurement of business processes.

Languages: Italian, English, beginner in French and in German

Omar Ben Attia

Education background: BSc. in Mechanical Engineering, EPFL

Areas of interest:

I am not hundred percent sure yet because It will depend on how I like the courses I will have in the future.

For the moment what I liked the most during my studies was robotic/mechatronics/automatic and they could be the sectors I end up working in.

I am also quite fascinated by computer science like machine learning, however I never had a real course about it so we will see next year.

From a general point of view, I would like to have a job when I am not all the time in front of a computer. I would like to find something where I can have one foot in the technical part, behind a computer, and another one in the management part with more human interactions.

Languages: French, English, Italian

Kareen Fallaha

Education background: B.E. Mechanical Engineering, AUB, Lebanon

Areas of interest:

I am interested in working in the technology sector; this is where the innovation is and where I can see myself managing and orchestrating innovation-based projects. In this case, I want to be able to assess the feasibility, manage the resources, mitigate risk on the project’s timeline and find solutions to different challenges and obstacles.

I am also interested in becoming a product manager and follow the product lifecycle, product being in technology.

I still need to figure this out and would love to be guided by my mentor to lay down all the aspects and challenges of each job.

Languages: English, French, Arabic

Yiyuan (Gladys) Fang

Education background: BSc. Evolutionary Biology, Yale University, USA

Areas of interest:

Feynman once said that “almost all things are interesting if you go deeply enough,” and I echo it very much. But if I have to choose a few, I am interested in hospitality, outdoors business and healthcare.

I hope to work on challenging problems using computer science and communication skills. I aim to have an environmentally friendly impact on society.

Languages: Chinese, English, French

Miya Ferrisse

Education background: BSc.Life Science Engineering, EPFL, Switzerland (3rd year on exchange at DTU, Denmark)

Areas of interest:

Due to my background in life science engineering, I am naturally interested in healthcare and the pharma industry. Still, I also hope to work for organisations that focus on improving global public health. However, a purely research-based career does not interest me as I aspire to be a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur.

As the health sector is vast, narrowing down specific industries that interest me is difficult and I prefer to keep many doors open. I would only say that these industries must have opportunities for project management and solution implementation.

The following paragraphs describe two projects that I have worked on. They better illustrate the type of issues I’d like to be involved with in the future, namely implementing long-term solutions to global health issues.

  • When I was 18, I had the opportunity to present my own TEDx about the future of food. Given the current state of food insecurity in certain parts of the world, I explored promising alternative solutions that could help fight global famine.
  • I was required to write a research proposal on antimicrobial resistance during my bachelor’s program. Instead of steering towards a very technical research proposal, I decided to analyse the market failure of antibiotics. In my proposal, I wrote about improving worldwide access using a pool-procurement system.

Languages: French, Japanese, English

Arsenii Gavrilenko

Education background: BSc. Applied math, Physics and Computer Science, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Areas of interest:

  1. Operations and logistics for retail or manufacturing (Oil, Gas, Metals)
  2. E-com (food tech)
  3. Consumer retail (logistics, replenishment, demand modelling)

Languages: Russian (native), English(fluent), French(A2-B1)

Zeyd Ghomri

Education background: BSc. in microengineering, EPFL

Areas of interest:

I think the sector I’m most interested in is consulting, I’d like to see what it’s like in practice to link engineering, management and business.

Languages: French, English, German, Arabic

Bertrand Gresle

Education background: BSc. Mechanical Engineering, EPFL

 Areas of interest:

I have been passionate about automobiles and new technologies for a very long time. Hence, it is pretty natural that I started to be interested in autonomous vehicles, taxi drones and any type of new ways of transportation. I think the transportation sector is about to change drastically from a technology standpoint with cleaner and more eco-friendly technologies, but also from a business standpoint with new business models and actors.

Therefore, I would like to be a part of this transformation whether by helping a start-up with a promising technology to grow or by participating in the transition of bigger companies that can play an important role in building the future of transportation.

Languages: French, English, Spanish (B1)

Iris Groslambert

Education background: BSc. Life Sciences, EPFL

 Areas of interest:

I have been passionate about the luxury and fashion world, especially high jewellery and watchmaking since I was a teenager. Therefore, I would like to integrate multinational companies in the luxury sector like LVMH, Kering, Richemont, Rolex, and L’Oréal. I am also interested in the food industry sector, in companies like Nestlé.

Languages: French, English, (Italian)

Nils Hasselmark

Education background: I did 2 years of “classe préparatoire” (theoretical maths & physics) in France, then 2 years at CentraleSupélec (general engineering curriculum).

Areas of interest:

My aim is to work in a high-added value industry, where innovations are constantly changing the products and the market, making the whole strategic process far more complex and exciting. I currently see myself working as a product manager in a human-size company or a startup at the end of my studies, in B2B or B2C.

Languages: French (mother tongue), English, Swedish

Mohamed Hedayet

Education background: Mechanical Engineering with a focus in industrial engineering, mechatronics and design, American University in Cairo, Egypt

 Areas of interest:

Industry sectors such as business strategy consultant in consulting firms, innovation management and business development in corporates, and supply chain management.

Languages: Arabic, English, elementary French

Nassim Khatori

Education background: BSc. Microengineering, EPFL

 Areas of interest:

Industrial manufacturing, Luxury sector, Consulting, Finance

Languages: Arabic, English, French

Jingqi Liu

Education background: B.Eng. Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University, China

 Areas of interest:

business/humanity data analysis, harnessing the power of big data to generate insights for improving business performance

Languages: Chinese, English, little bit of German

Hugo Parent-Leduc

Education background: BEng. Automated Manufacturing Engineering, École de technologie supérieure, Canada

 Areas of interest:

Innovation management and digital transformation in the metals & mining, energy and transportation industries

Languages: French, English

Sergei Pavlov

Education background: BSc. COMPUTER SCIENCE and IT-EQUIPMENT, BMSTU, Russia

Areas of interest:

Finance, Banking, Consulting, Supply Chain, Production, and Logistics.

Languages: Russian, English

Vincenzo Pecorella

Education background: BSc. Engineering of Computing Systems, Politecnico of Milan, Italy

Areas of interest:

For my future career, I’m really interested in all that concerns Data Science and Machine Learning Applications. I aim to work in the ICT consulting sector or as a project manager in a tech company

Languages: Italiano(mother tongue), English(C1), Español(A2-B1), Français(A1)

Guillaume Schneider

Education background: BSc. In Physics, EPFL

 Areas of interest:

I am mainly interested in events, regardless of the type (sport, music, cinema, other). I am already involved in several associations on campus in this regard (see comments section).

Languages: French, English, German

Jovana Segrt

Education background: BSc. Information systems and technologies

 Areas of interest:

IT project management, program management, consulting, data analysis

Languages: Serbian, English, German

Olivier Stähli

Education background: BSc. Computer Science, University of Bern, Switzerland

Areas of interest:

I have worked for companies in the high-tech sector, specifically software development (web, iOS, blockchain) and product development (IoT, embedded systems). I am particularly interested in high-tech for sustainability and product development in general.

Languages: German, English

Faustine Vigneau

Education background: BSc. in Communication Systems, EPFL

Areas of interest:

As my Bachelor’s in Communication Systems and a current minor in Data Science attest, I am very interested in IT fields, particularly Data Science. Everything related to technology appeals to me.

Moreover, it would be a plus to have the opportunity to work in some sectors that, from my point of view, could have a real sense: Health, Education or Environment as I imagine it for instance.

Languages: French, English

Maocheng Xu

Education background: B.Eng. Industrial Engineering, Nanjing University, China

Areas of interest:

I am interested in everything related to machine learning and data science. I want to be a business analyst or a data scientist in departments like R&D in tech companies.

Languages: Mandarin Chinese, English

Jin Yan

Education background: BSc. Industrial Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), China

Areas of interest:

I hope to become a consultant in the future and want to have more knowledge in finance and strategy. As I hope my future career will be a challenging and interesting job which can improve my problem-solving skills. To be honest, I haven’t decided which field to attend so I want to know more about industries and fields through consulting groups. Then I can find which field suits me better.

Languages: Chinese, English

MTE Students 2020-22

Simon Archambeau

Education: BSc. Mechanical Engineering, EPFL

Areas of interest:

Watch Industry, Automobile Industry, Consulting, Finance

Languages: French, English, and a bit of German

William Astier

Education: BSc in Life Sciences (SV), EPFL

Areas of interest:

Biotechnologies, energy, consulting, watchmaking, finance… I am sorry that these are so diverse.

Languages: French, English, Spanish

Andrey Batasov

Education: BSc. Communication Systems, EPFL. Track: Visual Computing. Currently pursuing a Minor in Communication Systems.

Areas of interest:

Mass Media Industry (Digital Media/Streaming/Audio/Film), Automotive Industry, Aerospace Industry, Transport Industry, Communications Industry (Internet, Voice, Mobile), Film Industry, Consumer Electronics, Financial Services (specifically, Blockchain)

Languages: Russian (mother tongue), French (citizenship), English, Italian, German

Laurence Bongrain

Education: Bsc. in Microengineering, EPFL

Areas of interest:

For my future career, I am very interested in working either in a field related to ecology or in the food industry.

Languages: French, English, Spanish (basic level), Japanese (learning)

Justine Bourdette

Education: BSc. Civil Engineering, EPFL

 Areas of interest:

I would like to work in the field of strategic consulting or production management, in a multinational company. I would be interested in the luxury or cosmetic sectors.

Languages: French, English, Spanish

Jan Briachetti

Education: BSc. Microengineering, EPFL

 Areas of interest:

Medical, watchmaking, Robotics, Pharma

Languages: French, English, German

Chloé Carrière

Education: BSc. Physics, EPFL

Areas of interest:

Space field with a focus on crewed space exploration and project management

Languages: French, English, Spanish (basic knowledge)

Emmanuel De Agustin

Education: Bsc. in Mechanical Engineering at EPFL (15-17)
French Grande Ecole diploma at Ecole Centrale Paris (17-19)
Bsc. in Economics at Université Paris Dauphine (18-19)
Two off-cycle internships in Investment banking (KPMG / UBS) (19-20)
MTE master in MA1 (20-21)

Areas of interest:

Investment banking, Strategy consulting

Languages: Spanish, French, English, Italian

Yann Delsart

Education: BSc. Engineering Science, ISAE-SUPAERO, France

Areas of interest:

aerospace, automobile, aeronautic and anything else which is linked to cutting-edge technologies

Languages: French, English, German notion

Karol Du-Pont

Education: Bsc. in Industrial and Systems Engineering

Areas of interest:

Technology, Automotive, Education, Financial and Organizations.

Languages: Spanish, English, French and German

Jouanna El Bast

Education: BE. Civil and environmental engineering, AUB, Lebanon

Areas of interest:

I am looking forward to working in a consulting firm or in any large company that bridges technology and business. I find product& project management as an interesting sector as well as the supply chain sector.

Languages: Arabic, English, French

Mathis Faure

Education: Bsc. Civil Engineering, EPFL

Areas of interest:

No idea at the moment but I want to work with IT to help companies optimize.

Languages: French, English

Yuanjun Feng

Education: BEng. Energy and Power Engineering, HUST, China

BEc. Finance, HUST, China (Dual Degree)

 Areas of interest:

The program managing or consulting department.

Languages: Chinese (Mother tongue),  English,  little French

Melina Gaedecke

Education: Bsc. Civil Engineering, EPFL

 Areas of interest:

I would like to work in the Construction Industry. I’m interested in both projects in building construction and in transportation. My goal is to manage construction projects.

Languages: German, French, English

Eva Gautier

Education: Bsc. of Engineering, Chemical Engineering (5 years program), McGill University, Canada

Areas of interest:

I truly believe that my strength is my background in chemical engineering which qualifies me for industrial processes supervision. Whether it be in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic or luxury industry, I am aiming to continuously improve and create products.

Languages: French, English

Alexis Girod

Education: Bsc. Physique, EPFL

Areas of interest:

I am interested in technologies, particularly acoustic technologies. I also like cars, luxury watches i.e what touches mechanics.

Languages: French, English

Sean Glasgow

Education: BEng Mechanical Engineering, Newcastle University, United Kingdom

Areas of interest:

Consulting (strategic, operational or managerial)

Languages: English, French, working Norwegian

Clara Grandry

Education: Bsc. in Life Sciences Engineering, EPFL

Areas of interest:

I am specifically interested in the Food and Health sectors, but mostly I aim to have a positive impact by helping companies to become leaders of the transition towards a more sustainable society, regardless of the sector.

Languages: French, English, Spanish

Paul Habert

Education: EPFL Bsc. in Civil Engineering.

Areas of interest:

Real estate, investment bank, investment funds in any kind of activity

Languages: French, English, Spanish a bit, and I will begin German this semester

Mohamad Hattab

Education: Undergraduate Civil Engineering, the American University of Beirut AUB, Lebanon

Areas of interest:

Consumer Staples, Tobacco, Pharmaceutical, Transport, and Clothing.

Languages: Arabic and English

Adrien Jalouneix

Education: Bsc.  in Civil engineering, EPFL

Areas of interest:

I don’t have a precise idea of the job  I would like to do in the future and therefore of the field that interests me the most, but I would like my work to have a positive impact on society in the most direct way possible. This is why, in connection with what I learned from my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, working on the construction of more environmentally friendly buildings using renewable energies could be interesting. Fields such as health or the food industry are also of particular interest to me.

Languages: French, English (fluent),  Spanish (B1)

Sami Kansara

Education: Bsc. in Engineering in Aerospace & Aeronautics, ISAE-SUPAERO, France

 Areas of interest:

I’m interested in financial mathematics and mathematics engineering. I really like maths and more particularly I’m still lured and surprised by probabilities.

Languages: French, English, Moroccan, Spanish, Chinese

Alexander Koux

Education: Bsc. in Microengineering, EPFL

Areas of interest:

Some of my interests are: Perfumery, Medical industry, Design (fourniture manufacturing for instance).

Languages: French, English, Ukrainian (a little German)

Ekaterina Kryukova

Education: Msc. Applied Physics and Maths, 1st thesis in laboratory: Neuroscience, 2nd thesis: Data Governance (with SAP). Deloitte: SAP Consulting, SAP: Business consulting, IBM: Data Science Consulting

Areas of interest:

Data Science in Consulting

Languages: Russian, English, French

Wanting Li

Education: Bsc. Polymer Science and Engineering, Sichuan University, China

Areas of interest:

Healthcare; Innovation consulting; luxury goods

Languages: Chinese, English, a little French

Nhi Luong

Education: Bsc.’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering from National University of Singapore.

Areas of interest:

Healthcare or Innovation

Languages: Vietnamese (mother tongue). Fuent in English, learning French.

Yiwen Ma

Education: Bsc.Computer Science, McGill University, Canada

Areas of interest:

Robotics, Big Data, Smart City

Languages: Chinese

Théophane Mayaud

Education: Bsc. In Microengineering, EPFL

Areas of interest:

Tech companies and financial management

Languages: French, English, German

Sarah Mazzone

Education: Bsc in Industrial Production Engineering at Polytechnic University of Turin

Areas of interest:

Strategic Consulting, Supply chain management, Industry 4.0, Industrial manufacturing, Product and Project Management

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, German, French

Maïlys Mejean

Education: Physics (EPFL) this year. I joined EPFL directly in my 2nd year of Bachelor. Prior to joining EPFL, I studied Mathematics and Physics for two years in preparatory classes in France (compulsory preparation course to Entry to French post-graduate Engineering schools).

 Areas of interest:

I would be very keen to work in a large international company related to the engineering sector, or service companies interacting with the engineering sector such as international consulting firms.

I am open to the industry itself, but the aircraft industry and their suppliers, the Information Technology industry and the watches manufacturing industry particularly appeal to me.

Languages: French, English, Spanish

Sven Menge

Education: Mechanical Engineering, EPFL

Areas of interest:

Renewable Energies

Languages: French, German, English

Maina Orchampt-Mareschal

Education: Completed my EPFL Bsc. in Communication Systems in July 2019 while doing my third year in Granada, Spain (Exchange program).

 Areas of interest:

I’m interested in Finance. As I did 2 internships in this sector, I know that I coud learn more and deepen it. Otherwise, I feel attracted by the Pharma industry since Healthcares have always interested me.

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian

Catalina Ortiz de la Peña

Education: Bsc. in Engineering in Mechatronics,Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico

 Areas of interest:

Innovation companies that work with technology for me to use it in being able to make something of my own with a start-up company. Could be robotics, aeronautics, intelligent housing.

Languages: Spanish, English and a little French

Guillaume Parchet

Education: Bsc. Computer Science (Communication Systems), EPFL

Areas of interest:

n a future professional position, I wish to be able to apply the techniques of data science in order to come up with business solutions. How one can extract business insights out of data analysis and how it challenges the company to leverage this potential value is very stimulating for me.

The position of « Analytics translator » as McKinsey present it, is a good example of the job profile I wish to join after my studies. “Making the bridges between analytics and business functions” would not only require technical expertise but also managerial, communication and decision-making skills.

Naturally, these ambitions might evolve in the next few years.

Languages: French, English

Stefan Rotarus

Education: Bsc. Communication Systems, EPFL

Areas of interest:

Consulting, IT, Finance

Languages: French, Romanian, English

Amine Saghir

Education: Bsc. Mechanical Engineering and I am finishing my engineering degree from Ecole Centrale Paris in parallel with the MTE master

Areas of interest:

I am really interested to work in Strategy Consulting

Languages: Arabic, French and English

Peter Sayah

Education: I have a French Baccalauréat from the LFIGP Dubai and I did my Bsc. in Mechanical engineering in EPFL

Areas of interest:

Not really sure yet to be honest, maybe consulting.

Languages: French, English, Arabic,a bit Spanish

Danil Shadrin

Education: BSc. Mechanical Engineering, EPFL

Areas of interest:

I am interested in a lot of sectors for example automotive industry and motorsport, finance, watchmaking, international organizations. I would also be interested to work for any big multinational company as an international project manager

Languages: bilingual French and Russian, English

Andrea Spinella

Education: Bsc. Mechanical Engineering, EPFL

Areas of interest:

Automation, transportation and distribution, industrial manufacturing, renewable energies, supply chain and logistics

Languages: Italian, French, English, Spanish

Alexia Tsanga

Education: Bachelor at EPFL in Life sciences engineering (SV section “Sciences de la Vie”)

Areas of interest:

I am mainly interested in the following sectors : agriculture and plantations sectors (rural), education, green energies, public services, sustainable development, health services. A dream would also be to work for the united nations development program.

Languages: French, English, German, Chinese

Yunbei Wang

Education: Bsc. of Engineering, Automation Engineering, UESTC, China

Areas of interest:

1st: food industry   2nd: education industry   3rd: luxury industry

Languages: Chinese, English

Tengfei Xu

Education: Msc. Bioengineering, EPFL

Areas of interest:

Life Science Industry, for example Pharmaceutical and Medtech Companies.

Languages: Chinese(mother tongue), English, French

Alexandre Yortholt

Education: Bsc. Microengineering, EPFL

Areas of interest:

Medtech, Nanotechnologies

Languages: French, Russian, English

Jiajia Zeng

Education: Bsc. Logistics Management, Wuhan University, China

Areas of interest:

I’d like to work in multinational company in retail industry or manufacturing industry.

Languages: Chinese, English

Nelson Zürcher

Education: Bsc. Microengineering, EPFL

Areas of interest:

I am interested to work as a start-up founder and probably later in my career as an entrepreneur consultant.

Here is a list of my interests: green-tech, energy, sustainability, food industry, low technology industry, transport industry, healthcare, sport

Languages: French, Swiss  German, German, English