ENAC level

ENAC School has a strong career-centered training orientation, which naturally connects with the professional world.

Still, ENAC promotes Innovation and Tech Transfer and encourages its laboratories and the private and public sectors to enter joint relationships that benefit both parties by operating in two directions:

Melany Gilis


The InnoSeed ENAC program

  • Foster the transfer of know-how, discoveries & inventions from ENAC laboratories toward existing private or public institutions
  • Offer financial support
  • Stimulate entrepreneurship awareness
  • Inform about and guide toward all available technology transfer and innovation tools
  • Expand ENAC connections with the public & private sector
  • Promote the creation of ENAC’s spin-offs

The ENAC Industrial Liaison Officer’s missions

  • Encourage academic, public and industrial institutions to connect with ENAC laboratories
  • Offer accurate information on active areas of research and expertise at ENAC
  • Advise on the optimal collaboration format
  • Answer to all research-related inquiries from industry or public institutions
  • Set up, coordinate and follow up projects
  • Maintain high-quality long-term relationships