PhD Students

Delay in your thesis?   

The closure of the campus and the cancellation of doctoral courses raises concerns about possible delays of the thesis work, candidacy or thesis exam. Please, rest assured that solutions will be found so that you can finalize your PhD under good (properly financed, etc.) conditions.

So please:

  • Stay at home for now / no access to campus
  • Discuss with your thesis Director the consequences of a possible delay in your thesis
  • If this does not lead to a reasonable solution, contact your Doctoral Program or EPFL’s Doctoral School ([email protected])

Doctoral Courses

All doctoral courses classes are cancelled until Sunday, 19 April 2020 inclusive, date on which the situation will be reassessed.

Bringing visitors to campus

No one is permitted to bring visitors to campus for professional or educational purposes until further notice. We also ask that you postpone private meetings on EPFL campuses. It’s better to postpone a meeting than risk spreading the disease to other people.

Oral Exam, Public Defence and Candidacy Exam

No Oral Exams, Public Defences or Candidacy Exams can take place “in person” during the period defined by the most recent communications from EPFL, which is until 19th April 2020 included.

They must be completed by videoconference only (Zoom, Webex or other videoconference systems). Each participant connects separately – thus not from the same location/computer. It is important to test the configuration before the event.

In light of these conditions, if you prefer, you can defer your Oral Exam, Public Defence or Candidacy Exam to a later date. Please contact your doctoral program administration directly if this is how you choose to proceed.


All relevant measures of support for Phd students are listed below.

As usual, the Student Services desk answers to all questions from 9 to 18 on working days, but under the current circumstances per e-mail or by telephone. Questions beyond its field of expertise will be redirected to the relevant expert.

The EPFL social and psychotherapeutic consultations will counsel all students facing issues such as: depression, anxiety, isolation, loss of motivation due to remote study, lack of organisation, etc.  

The ban on entering the EPFL campus is still in effect, so all counselling sessions for EPFL students and doctoral students are done by telephone or video conference.

  • To make an appointment or for any question, please send an email to [email protected]
  • If you would like temporary medical support or advice, please contact the psychotherapeutic consultation service by email: [email protected]

More information on the Individual Support page.

The Housing Information team replies to all inquiries forwarded by the Student Services desk per e-mail and telephone. The team will counsel all students but also act as intermediary between students and partners concerning issues such as: request for deferred payment, early contract termination, reservation cancellation, detection and coordination of quarantine cases follow-up.

The Language Centre still offers courses. They are highly appreciated as they give students a chance to maintain social contacts.

The Chaplaincy continues to offer spiritual support to the EPFL community

All teaching staff has access to a complete overview of our student support measures on the Teaching guide.

PolyDoc wants to offer you a new outlet for connecting with your peers: a discord server dedicated to sharing with other PhDs and supporting each other, virtually!

More information on the My Well-Being during the Coronavirus crisis page.

Lausanne University Sports offers tutorials, links, tips and live session that will help students stay in shape during this confinement period.