Executive Short Courses

Intensive short courses for executives wanting a deeper understanding of the latest technologies and how these can be applied for real world results.

Why EPFL Executive Short Courses?

These programmes are designed for individual executives and teams in mid to senior-level management who want have a deeper understanding of the technologies shaping business today.

TransformTech is offered in collaboration with IMD and covers a range of technologies and business problems including AI, Robotics and IoT whilst DataScience for Managers is a deep-dive into data science. It will help executives, managers, engineers, and other professionals understand when AI works, and when it does not.

Both courses offer the knowledge needed to separate reality from hype in technology and data science and help you convert opportunities into real-world results.

Format: 5 full week-days

The business potential of transformational technologies like blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence and robotics, is enormous but how do you separate the hype from the reality? TransformTECH brings you the possibility to really discover which technology will enable you to create new business opportunities.

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Format: 5-day, 2-day and 1-day options

The DSFM program balances theory and practice to quickly cover the most-important aspects of Data Science. You will learn in a highly-interactive environment, through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, exercises, case studies, problems, and visualizations.

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