Current Openings

Playful learning of management Project

Collaboration between LEARN, College of Management CdM, Teaching Support Center CAPE, and Discovery Learning Program DLP on developing transversal management skills in the curriculum at EPFL by means of playful learning with tangible objects. Supported by LEGO foundation.

Open positions:

  • Two postdoctoral research positions:
    Scientific collaborator Learning / Education science (80-100%) (currently closed for applications, in evaluation phase)
  • Pedagogical advisor


The Center of Learning Sciences seeks to reinforce its team working on the pilot project with Canton Vaud, éducation numérique EduNum (project outline).

Collaborateur.trice de projet sobrieté numérique pour l’éducation numérique (50-80%)

Rédacteur-trice de moyens d’enseignement de l’informatique au gymnase, orientation sociologie du numérique (80%)

Concepteur.trice d’activités et de ressources logicielles pour des moyens d’enseignement de l’informatique au gymnase (20-60%) (en phase d’évaluation)

Further Opportunities

MOBOTS group (F. Mondada)

For current job openings in MOBOTS, please check:

Computer-Human Interaction in Learning and Instruction (CHILI) lab (P. Dillenbourg)

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