Services and availability

  • Common laboratory equipment and products
  • Computer equipment, stationary and toners
  • Receiption of goods
  • Fast delivery
  • Gas orders
  • Recycling of chemical waste


Computer hardware

accessories Available at the store (BCH & CH)

Service Guide and FAQ (common)

Opening an account
  • How to open an account at the Store
  • Contact your Reference Store (BCH, CH or Sion)
Orders and Quotations
  • Quotation and Offers
  • It is the responsibility of the researcher or the group
Shipping / receiving of goods and couriers
  • Sending / receiving goods and couriers
  • At the store
  • For your fast mail (DHL, FedEX, TNT, UPS etc…)
  • Please prepare all the accompanying documents and Proforma invoice (see with your secretary) and then bring to the store for pick up
Safety see with your COSEC
  • List of those responsible for your laboratory / COSEC
Transportation of chemical products
  • The products are transported on trolleys or in watertight baskets
  • We do not go shopping to the store with gloves!
Clothing & Laboratory coats and washing
  • Safety glasses and lab coats
  • Get a lab coat
  • Available at the store
  • You are entitled to a lab coat if you are an employee of the EPFL – Available at the store
Door panels & Inventory
  • Updated 1x per year
  • Inventory of your chemicals
  • See with the COSEC of your group
  • 2x per year – See with the COSEC of your group
Chemical waste and cleanliness in the building
  • How to treat my waste product
Dates of laboratory audits
  • Visit the security site