The international Genetically Engineered Machine contest


iGEM (international genetically engineered Machine) is a synthetic biology competition in which teams design and implement engineered biological-based systems to address basic or applied problems.

EPFL teams have competed every year since 2008 and wont the Grand Prize in 2019. The team consists of an interdisciplinary group of at most 12 students (both undergraduate and masters) from any school or discipline schools which collaborate to bring biological, silicon and material components together to solve problems in select areas such as diagnostics, energy, environment, food & nutrition and therapeutics. There is no need for prior experience in biology but a strong motivation to learn and deploy synthetic biology based technologies to solve problems.

More information and how to enlist in the EPFL iGEM Team: iGEM EPFL Website



EPFL Coordinator : Marine Van Campenhoudt

Academic Responsible : Brian McCabe