Activities and events

The IFNC offers to its members, partners and collaborators many opportunities to learn, discover, exchange ideas, foster innovation or gain visibility.

Feeding your innovation pipeline

We are committed to create a mutual understanding between the industry needs, whether it implies a multinational, a startup or a SME, and EPFL’s skills and expertise. Here is how…

At EPFL, 350 world class Professors are working on technologies with a strong applicability to food. Thanks to an ongoing dialogue with the IFNC members, and subsequent in-depth understanding of their science requirements, we can identify and bring them the relevant knowledge that will allow our partners to address your business, societal and environmental requirements.

Being a IFNC member offers the possibility to interact with senior decision makers of leading research driven organisations.

Events & Calls

End-to-end digitalized testbeds

To drive the digitalisation of the European food industry, the cross-KIC project “end-to-end digitalised production testbeds”, led by EIT Manufacturing and together with EIT Food and EIT Digital will financially support the development and implementation of digitalisation testbeds that address the food industry’s most pressing production challenges.

The Global Food Venture Programme

The Global Food Venture Programme of EIT Food is currently recruiting PhD students from across Europe for its 3rd cohort. This entrepreneurship mobility programme is meant to boost business creation skills and help participants to bring their research from the bench to the market.

PepsiCo Greenhouse Collaborative Accelerator

PepsiCo has launched an open call for entrepreneurs to take part in the PepsiCo Greenhouse Accelerator, a collaborative mentor-led program designed to nurture the growth of emerging purpose-driven health and wellness companies in the food and beverage sector.

The European Green Deal

The European Green Deal is the plan to make the EU’s economy sustainable through different funding programmes.

Horizon Europe – Cluster 6

Horizon Europe, the new European research and innovation programme of the EU, will be launched in 2021 with more than 80 billion EUR of funding available over the next 7 years. Find out more about the cluster 6, “Food, Bioeconomy, Natural resources, Agriculture and Environment”.