The IFNC offers to its members, partners and collaborators many opportunities to learn, discover, exchange ideas, foster innovation or gain visibility.

Feeding your innovation pipeline

We are committed to create a mutual understanding between the industry needs, whether it implies a multinational, a startup or a SME, and EPFL’s skills and expertise. Here is how…

At EPFL, 350 world class Professors are working on technologies with a strong applicability to food. Thanks to an ongoing dialogue with the IFNC members, and subsequent in-depth understanding of their science requirements, we can identify and bring them the relevant knowledge that will allow our partners to address your business, societal and environmental requirements.

Being a IFNC member offers the possibility to interect with senior decision makers of leading research driven organisations.

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Please find below some interesting opportunities.

10 October 2019, 6pm, Alimentarium Vevey

Don’t miss this event, as EPFL and the Integrative Food and Nutrition Center will be in the spotlight with a presentation by Christian Nils Schwab, IFNC Executive Director.

Take part in the 2019 Savoir-Faire Innovation Competition, organized by Foodways and Proviande, and tackle the challenges linked to an optimal and complete utilisation of slaughtered livestock for a sustainable nutrition.

Deadline for submission: 21 October 2019


Together with EIT Food, the IFNC is looking for ambitious and innovative projects related to the food sector in order to build a consortium of excellence and apply for the MSCA-COFUND.

This MSCA-COFUND proposal aims to integrate international, cross-sectoral, and interdisciplinary dimensions with a fourth dimension: the entrepreneurial mind-set including skills such as social innovation and responsible research and innovation, in order to develop knowledge that benefits business and the broader society, for the ultimate purpose of transforming the food sector.

Interested? Please contact Christian Schwab (IFNC Executive Director).

Call for project: Research grant | SFEFS

Apply now

The Swiss Foundation for Nutrition Research (SFEFS) supports scientific research in human nutrition.<br />The SFEFS awards an annual research grant for the first time in 2020 to researchers at the beginning of their careers whose work focuses on an innovative, promising approach to human nutrition.<br />Deadline: 31 March 2020