Organizing an event

Organizing an event

Association who wishes to organize an event on the site has to contract a civil liability insurance and contact Mediacom Events by writing to – [email protected].

The “Regulation(Payment) for the organization of events on the site of the EPFL” was developed to help you. You will also find a lot of information on the site



THE EPFL is declared campus without smoke since May, 2006, and adopted a strict policy as regards the sponsoring and the presence of tobacco companies within the framework of demonstrations organized on the campus.

Measures on the sponsoring, the sale and the distribution of CIGARETTES during events organized at the EPFL.


THE EPFL authorizes under certain conditions the sale of alcoholic drinks within the framework of events organized by its students. It leads actively a prevention policy to decrease the connected risks with alcoholic and other substances. For all its prevention initiatives, the EPFL is advised by Swiss Addiction. The organizers shall refer to the site, and in particular to its charter, developed by professionals of the prevention, and which supplies sensible indications for the organization of events.

Measures on the sponsoring, the sale and the distribution(casting) of ALCOHOL during events organized at the EPFL.


Conditions of use of the logo EPFL

Conditions of use of the logo ” association recognized by the EPFL “

Poster and Flyers

THE EPFL authorizes the placarding of posters emanating from the EPFL or from the UNIL, from the associations recognized by one of the two institutions and containing the corresponding logo.

For the EPFL associations, the information has to be asked to the Accueil-information or to [email protected].

For the UNIL, you can address your request to the desk of the FAE (021 692 25 91) / [email protected].

Wild placarding out of the steles or not corresponding to the directives above will be removed at the expense of companies or people.

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