Core courses

“Core courses” form a group of classes considered to be fundamental for the basic understanding of sustainability in the built environment (“Fundamental classes”), as well as a selection of project-oriented courses which allow the application of a theoretical concept to a concrete case study (“Project-oriented classes”).

– The “Fundamental classes” explore three complementary perspectives: energy issues (GC Section), occupant comfort (AR Section) and environmental footprint (SIE Section).
– The “Project-oriented classes” include ENAC semester projects and/or SGC optional transdisciplinary projects, as well as three SAR Master Teaching units. In general, they combine analysis and design work, which represents a particularly relevant exercise within the Minor.

In order to meet the general requirements of the Minor, 14 ECTS must be obtained among the 11 courses offered for this first group.



*   Provided that the topic is relevant, to be validated with the IDEAS Minor steering committee.
** Course during 4 weeks in the summer.