Create a sustainable event

Checklist for an EPFL sustainable event

In collaboration with EPFL Sustainability and the Catering and Shops Unit (RESCO), Mediacom Events (MEV) developed this checklist to help you plan a sustainable event.


> Audience and room reservations are made in collaboration with the Mediacom-events service.
Here is the link to the page dedicated to the organization of your event

Be careful, do not forget to make an event request at least 5 working days before the chosen date.

Promotion – marketing

> If you want to promote your event, opt for solutions that have the lowest impact. EPFL news pages, mementos and polynex screens remain very effective communication tools within the school.

> Posters and flyers can be printed at the Repro – EPFL printing center. Ask the repro employees for advice and demand prints on recycled paper.

> An alternative and friendly idea is to use engraved apples as a marketing tool. Here is the link to a company that provides this type of service. Be careful, ask for Swiss and ORGANIC apples.


Food & Beverages

> Here is the list of restaurants offering catering on campus. When you ask for an offer, challenge these contractors and stay focus on the following points:

  • Vegetarian/vegan, local and seasonal dishes
  • Local and seasonal drinks (e.g. juice, homemade cold tea)
  • Tap water (it is excellent!)

> Ask to be able to dispense drinks with decanters & jugs and require that no containers in plastic/brick will be used.

> If you personally take care of the restoration you can also follow these points. Opt for bulk, organic and local purchases; do your shopping, for example, at the Monday market on the Esplanade or via cultishop platform, a market gardener from the region that delivers fruit and vegetables on campus.

Dishes & Waste

> Most restaurateurs have enough washable plates, glasses, cups and cutlery. Ask for this service, which should be free of charge! If the restaurateur has to rent dishes on his side (depending on the number of participants), he may ask you for additional costs.  

> You can also contact external service providers such as Molotov or Ecomanif. Dishwashing is included in the price of the rental of the dishes. Please note that we do not have reBOX available for your events.

> Finally, do not hesitate to check what is available in the Agepoly TRUFFE platform (glasses, kitchen tools, etc.).

> To avoid food waste, ask for registration or estimate the number of participants. If you are expecting a large audience (>100 people) apply the following trick: order for 10 to 15% less than the number of people expected.

> Do not throw away any leftovers, offer them to the EPFL community, which often occupies exercise halls, auditoriums or simply the corridors of the campus until late at night.


Public transport

The campus is well connected to public transportation, notably M1 metro and bus lines 31, 701 and 705. SBB Mobile and TL Live applications provide information on all schedules. If your event ends late, also take advantage of the Taxibus TL offer.


Cycling is the fastest, most economical and environmentally friendly way to get to the campus. EPFL encourages cyclists with many services and infrastructures: thousands of parking spaces, a secure bicycle station and free self-service bicycles, including cargobikes.