An engineering internship of a minimum duration of eight weeks outside of the academic setting is obligatory for all students in order to validate their SIE Master cycle. The internship must take place between the end of the Bachelor cycle, which must be successfully completed, and the beginning of the Master Project. The student must successfully complete both the internship and the Master Project in order to obtain the 30 credits attributed to the 4th Master semester.

Internship objective is the student’s immersion into the professional world. It’s an opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with teamwork, with the work procedures of companies and with the requirements of a professional engineering environment. Students can test their competences and put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

The internship must be conducted either in Switzerland or abroad and must last 2 to 6 months.

  • The internship agreement must be filled and signed before the internship starts. It must be signed by the internship supervisor and the student’s internship mentor (SIE/EPFL Professor). A signed paper copy or a signed electronic version must be submitted to the SIE Section: in French, in English
  • Become a member of “International SOS” for medical assistance during your internship abroad. This is mandatory if the internship is abroad.
  • A technical and scientific internship report must be written by the student and submitted to the EPFL mentor no later than one month after the internship ends. The report should not be longer than 10 pages and must include:

    – a cover page

    – a table of content and an introduction

    – the internship objectives

    – the applied methodologies and the obtained results and must also respect the company’s confidentiality guidelines

    – a conclusion


  • Towards the end of the internship, the internship supervisor and the student will receive email reminders to evaluate the company and intern respectively.
  • The internship mentor will receive a notification once the evaluations have been completed by the internship mentor and the student.
  • Within a month after the internship ends, the student must submit the report to the internship mentor. The mentor will validate the internship based on the report and on the two evaluations (passed or failed) on the ISA portal “Administrator portal”.

Students are advised to use their own and personal contacts with companies likely to offer internships. Use connections from ENAC laboratories focusing on a specific field or activity.

Have a look at the “Internship portal” on IS Academia. This database allows companies to publish internship proposals focusing on different areas of expertise. It also allows students to look at all the internships that are specifically proposed to them. The SIE section provides a list of companies which have already hosted an SIE intern.

All internships that come from outside the internship portal must be approved by the Section. This procedure must be completed several months before the internship starts.

The internship registration is done online on IS Academia.

Once an internship is registered (status = registered), you must find an EPFL tutor and submit your file to the company.

Complete and sign three copies of the Internship Agreement, either in French or in English, and submit them to the SIE internship coordinator and to the host company’s internship supervisor. The student keeps the third copy.

Do not hesitate to contact the internship coordinator of the Environmental Sciences and Engineering section.