RDM guides & templates

DMP Templates

Several templates of Data Management Plans (DMP) for different research funders, to ease your DMP submission and follow-up. The EPFL templates contain practical examples and recommendations.


RDM walkthrough guide

From planning to preservation, use this introductory guide to Research Data Management, with links to online resources and practical suggestions.



Fast guides

Short, one-page infographics on different aspects of Research Data Management (RDM):

  1. Research Data: The basics
  2. FAIR Data Principles
  3. Cost of RDM
  4. File Formats
  5. Metadata
  6. Code
  7. ELN – Electronic Lab Notebook
  8. Personal Data Management
  9. Data Masking
  10. Storage, Publication and Preservation
  11. DMP – Data Management Plan
  12. Data & Code Licensing



DMP checklist

Answer to the guiding questions to find out how to improve your DMP, or to self-evaluate your Research Data Management (RDM) practices. Feel free to contact [email protected] if you spot anything for which you would like support.



Data publication decision tree

Unsure about how to license your data for publishing or sharing? Check-out the simple data publication decision tree.



Funders guidelines