Information for companies

MFE Master project

For a company, offering Internship/Master Projects to MFE student allows to

• Identify new talents
• Integrate students with strong financial and quantitative background
• Bring into play new ideas and points of view
• Take advantage of interactions with the academic world
• Test a potential collaborator in real work conditions
• Become a partner of EPFL for the quality of education

Background and Skills of MFE students

 The Master in Financial Engineering (MFE) is aimed at students seeking comprehensive knowledge of derivatives pricing, asset management, securities trading, risk management, and corporate finance. In the program, students learn how to combine cutting-edge finance theory and computational methods with practical knowledge of the forums in which they can employ these skills. At the end of their studies at EPFL, MFE graduates therefore have the perfect profile to join financial institutions such as investment banks, rating agencies, consulting and auditing companies, insurance companies and online trading companies.

To access the list and detailed description of all MFE courses please check the Curriculum page. Examples of completed MFE master projects and host institutions can be consulted on the page of the list of completed master projects.

Offering an MFE Master Project

Companies interested in offering internships to MFE students, have two options

  1. Send internship proposals via email to [email protected]
  2. Post internship proposals online via EPFL’s online internship platform. This web-based system allows companies to easily manage the application process. All internship proposals posted on this portal are automatically send to a moderator before announcing these open positions to students. Students then apply through the portal and their applications are forwarded to the company electronically for the selection process.

If you have questions regarding any aspect of MFE master projects, please contact the Financial Engineering section by sending an email to [email protected].